In first 2 states where pot became legal, teen use triggers concern

Parents and doctors in Colorado and Washington state say children are easily getting hold of marijuana edibles

DENVER — The first two states to legalize recreational marijuana are starting to grapple with … Read more

Brand new Hemp industry has no standard weight, quantity

Wheat sells by the bushel, but what do you call a unit of hemp?

AURORA — A unit of wheat is called a bushel, and a standard weight of … Read more

OSU establishes hemp research center

Deschutes County is one of Oregon’s top hemp producers

Oregon State University announced plans on Thursday to launch the nation’s largest hemp research center … Read more

Way before Woodstock: Ancient graves point to pot smoking

WASHINGTON — Archaeologists have unearthed the earliest direct evidence of people smoking marijuana from a … Read more

Canadian firm acquires Bend edible cannabis maker

Slang Worldwide Inc. proposes cash and stock deal for Lunchbox Alchemy

A Bend edible cannabis company is being acquired by a Canadian company for an undisclosed … Read more

Cura deal shows big money, consolidation entering Oregon pot industry

A billion dollars for a Portland marijuana company. It’s an astonishing figure. Last month’s deal … Read more

Oregon marijuana regulators don’t track criminal backgrounds

Six license applicants denied for criminal activity since 2016

If Plantae Health owner Andrew J. Anderson is convicted of abuse and other felony charges, … Read more

Veterans denied GI Bill benefit if they work in cannabis

WASHINGTON — For 75 years, veterans purchasing a home have been able to count on … Read more

Oregon, awash in marijuana, takes steps to curb production

SALEM — Oregon is awash in pot, glutted with so much legal weed that if … Read more

Oregon marijuana commission gains Deschutes County member

A Deschutes County Planning Commission member will join the Oregon Liquor Control Commission as its … Read more

Bend cannabis attorney leaves practice for general counsel job

Bennu Law has acquired the clients of Clifton Cannabis Law, which Jennifer Clifton opened in … Read more

Senate approves measure to allow out of state cannabis sales

Interstate sales of cannabis needs federal approval

A measure that would allow Oregon-grown cannabis to be sold out of state, pending federal … Read more

Bend cannabis company Oregrown, former grower drop lawsuits

Oregrown Industries Inc. reaches mutually agreeable terms with Justin Crawn

A legal dispute between a Bend-based marijuana company and its former partner has been dismissed … Read more

Cannabis, marijuana, weed, pot? Just call it a job machine

SAN FRANCISCO — David Dancer is a 48-year-old marketing executive who has worked for big … Read more

Claims about CBD’s health benefits go unchecked

Oregon regulates hemp-derived CBD, but FDA is playing catch-up

Ballet dancer Josh Deininger has tried a lot of products to ease his muscle and … Read more

Oregon lawmakers make plans to prepare for interstate pot commerce

SALEM — It may seem like a pipe dream now, but Oregon lawmakers are anticipating … Read more

Oregon steps up tracking small-scale medical marijuana grows

Growers with 6 or fewer plants face deadline, potential fines

Small-scale medical marijuana growers must report their inventory to the Oregon Health Authority’s tracking system … Read more

States push to legalize CBD to end confusion

SAN FRANCISCO — CBD oil-infused gummy bears, lattes and drinks and dietary supplements are selling … Read more

FDA to study use of CBD foods, cosmetics

Some answers to questions about CBD

With CBD showing up everywhere, U.S. regulators announced Tuesday they are exploring ways the marijuana … Read more

Marijuana legalization stalls in Northeast

The anticipated recreational-marijuana boom of 2019 has stalled in the Northeast, where New Jersey lawmakers … Read more

Bingo and bongs: More seniors seek pot for age-related aches

LAGUNA WOODS, Calif. — The group of white-haired folks — some pushing walkers, others using … Read more

Deschutes County is Oregon’s third-largest hemp growing county

Industrial hemp projected to be $1 billion commodity in Oregon

Oregon’s industrial hemp crop is poised to grow past $1 billion as products containing CBD, … Read more

Bill would curtail Deschutes County fees on pot growing operations

Cannabis farmers say they are being singled out

A battle is brewing in Salem over whether Deschutes County should be allowed to levy … Read more

Hearing set for proposed pot shop in Tumalo

Proposed store would be Tumalo’s first

A proposal that would establish the first recreational marijuana store in Tumalo is headed to … Read more

Oregon lawmakers consider cannabis cafes

Advocates say providing more places to sample marijuana would boost tourism

A group of cannabis supporters wants to make it legal for consumers to smoke marijuana … Read more

Diamond Tree seeks third marijuana shop in Bend

Cannabis retail locations face restrictions

A Central Oregon cannabis dispensary has plans to expand in Bend and La Pine with … Read more

In Illinois, medical marijuana can now replace opioids

An old photo popped up on Tashena Altman’s Facebook profile recently, showing her a memory … Read more

What’s the relationship between marijuana use and schizophrenia?

Nearly a century after the film “Reefer Madness” alarmed the nation, some policymakers and doctors … Read more

Report: Oregon has enough marijuana to last 6 ½ years

Lawmakers asked to find solutions to Oregon’s oversupply of pot

Oregon will need legislative help to curb the oversupply of marijuana, according to the Oregon … Read more

State auditor pokes holes in marijuana oversight

Few growers are inspected, and consumers could be at risk from contaminants

Medical and recreational marijuana overseers need to boost their efforts in testing, inspections and providing … Read more

Advertising is tough when the feds consider you a drug dealer

Legal cannabis companies look for ways to market their products

America’s cannabis companies are racing to build national brands and market their wares to mainstream … Read more

Denver pot shop owners plead guilty to racketeering

Colorado prosecutors believe it’s first local case against legal dealer

DENVER — The owners of a Denver marijuana business pleaded guilty Friday to drug and … Read more

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