Q: My husband and I go to New Orleans once a year. For the first time, we’re considering driving. Is this a daft idea in early January? Where’s a good place to stop overnight?

A: The South has been having a lot of snow the past few winters. Still, I think I’d chance it. Depending on your route, you could overnight in Atlanta or in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Chattanooga might be a bit more manageable. There are some good museums — e.g., the Hunter Museum of American Art — caverns, railroad history and the Tennessee Riverwalk. You could stay at the Delta Queen, a floating hotel docked at Coolidge Park.

Q: The passport cards for our children (ages 7 and 13) expire in January. Is it easy to renew for minors, or will we have to go through the entire process all over again?

A: You’ll have to do it all over again — accompany them to the renewal facility and apply in person, because they’re under 16. You might also consider getting passports for your kids; the State Department recommends passports for all traveling Americans, plus you can suddenly fly with them to Paris for the weekend.

Q: We’re going to London for our 10th anniversary in October. Where should we stay?

A: One of the posher hotels might get you away from the kids: the Goring, Savoy, Lanesborough, Claridge’s, Chesterfield Mayfair, etc. A few of those are in the Mayfair area, which is very Tube-convenient. Or, rent a nice flat.

— Washington Post travel writers