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Ray Solley, executive director of the Tower Theatre Foundation, sits in the downtown Bend theater in December. Solley is a guest on “Gene and Roger,” a new podcast about the critics’ partnership, for his work as a producer on the show.

Ray Solley, executive director of the Tower Theatre Foundation, has spent decades working in the entertainment industry. Long before he came on board at the Tower, Solley served in a few roles with "Sneak Previews," probably better known for its film critic stars, Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert, and their sparring, thumb up or thumb down reviews of popular films.

A new narrative podcast from podcast network The Ringer tell the story of the duo. Brian Rafterty hosts the show, titled "Gene and Roger," which features guests including, Solley, Quentin Tarantino, Richard Roeper, Carrie Rickey, Tom Shales and others.

"I was associate producer at the beginning of 'Sneak Previews' in 1976 (it’s actually my hands buying the tickets, popcorn, candy, and soda in the show’s opening titles!)," Solley told GO! by email. "(I) became producer in 1980; then produced the second iteration of the series with Neal Gable and Jeffrey Lyons through 1983."

Two of eight episodes released Tuesday, with one more to drop each Tuesday through Aug. 31 on The Big Picture feed on Spotify, Apple or wherever you get your podcast on.

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