Artist captures ’ghost voices’ of an abandoned past

Once the structural elements of a garden are built and the landscape is planted, it … Read more

How to design a modern, but still playful, nursery

Nursery design has come a long way from pastel pinks, blues and yellows. Now home … Read more

What’s hot in home design

Chairs that make a statement; lighting that looks like sculpture; chic and natural accessories

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The best colors for fun, festive rooms

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Splurge or save: Make your bathroom into a spa

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Pool school: The perks of making your own oasis

In a secluded corner of Joshua Tree, California, a livestock tank painted white, surrounded with … Read more

A low-maintenance garden sounds good this time of year

Knowing your limits, applying that to your landscape

Portland garden writer Dulcy Mahar once wrote, “The older I get, the more the idea … Read more

High Desert Garden Tour is a map to landscape design

Six gardens offer displays of eclectic and native plants

For me, the annual High Desert Garden Tour means mentally redesigning my landscape — again. … Read more

Garden: Fresh-picked fun!

How does your garden grow? With help from the kids, we hope! Planting vegetables has … Read more

Funky pink begonia exotically unique for baskets, mixed containers

All right begonia lovers, there is a new kid on the block with the crazy … Read more

In summer heat, success stems from planning, watchful eye

Washington Post Gardening columnist Adrian Higgins answered questions recently in an online chat. Here is … Read more

Unconventional black bathroom accessory is back

When the jet-black toilet was introduced by Kohler in the 1920s, it was considered so … Read more

Fans that keep you — and your living space — cool

Much like a stand mixer in the kitchen, a table fan sits out in living … Read more

Tips for organizing mirrors in your home

A secret weapon of interior designers and home stagers, mirrors can trick the eye and … Read more

Maintain privacy in your backyard through strategic planting

You can’t sunbathe nude when neighbors look down onto your patio or backyard. They can … Read more

Floral industry is finally catching on to self-taught designers

Holly Chapple is so sorry her minivan smells like Cheez-Its and dirty water. She doesn't … Read more

Waiting for plants to grow in Central Oregon?

Grab a gardening book

The garden is in — and school is out. Whether you are heading off by … Read more

Creating a landscape that’s unappetizing to deer and rabbits

No plants are critter proof. But some will prompt Central Oregon wildlife to turn up their noses

As a longtime resident of Central Oregon one of the first questions newcomers ask me: … Read more

Design: Try these alternatives to traditional art

No traditional art? No problem. These days artwork doesn’t have to be traditional, like on … Read more

Homeowner rips out grass, replaces it with turf

MINNEAPOLIS — Everyone else’s lawn may be a mushy yellow-brown in early spring, but Larry … Read more

Returning to the roots of our presidents’ gardens

Jonathan Pliska is growing two varieties of cabbage in a corner of his back yard, … Read more

4 couples turn dreams of living abroad into reality

Living overseas, once thought of as a jet-set lifestyle reserved for the wealthy, is available … Read more

Designer advises for living well with dogs and cats

Susanna Salk shares her experience with designing spaces to accommodate pets

Sharing your home with a dog or cat has many joys and a few disappointments … Read more

Plant sale preps Central Oregon gardeners for summer

The plants at Deschutes County’s Oregon State University Extension greenhouse have been getting lots of … Read more

Conjuring the illusion of a big little kitchen

The one-bedroom apartment that Laura and Ian Greig bought in Miami Beach last year had … Read more

Unusual color combos make rooms pop

When it comes to color combinations, you may ask yourself, what’s in and what’s out? … Read more

Container culture

Now is the time to assemble a potted masterpiece for the rest of the growing season

This is the time of year to assemble pots and containers for the rest of … Read more

Warm tones make an industrial kitchen feel inviting

Industrial-style kitchens have become more popular in the past decade, partially because of the rise … Read more

The delightful demands of the cutting garden

There is an inherent clash between the gardener who lovingly raises flowers and the florist … Read more

Not all plants trigger allergies

Learn about plants that produce fewer allergenic pollens

It’s embarrassing to be in public, start in with a series of uncontrollable sneezes and … Read more

Interior inspiration abounds

Examples of decor ideas for turning blank spaces into artful vignettes are everywhere

Whether it’s in nature, pages of a magazine, a friend’s home, hotel or designer show … Read more

For composters of all kinds, there’s delight in decay

Compost piles have been a staple of gardening since Adam was handed that accursed apple, … Read more

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