Returning to the roots of our presidents’ gardens

Jonathan Pliska is growing two varieties of cabbage in a corner of his back yard, … Read more

4 couples turn dreams of living abroad into reality

Living overseas, once thought of as a jet-set lifestyle reserved for the wealthy, is available … Read more

Designer advises for living well with dogs and cats

Susanna Salk shares her experience with designing spaces to accommodate pets

Sharing your home with a dog or cat has many joys and a few disappointments … Read more

Plant sale preps Central Oregon gardeners for summer

The plants at Deschutes County’s Oregon State University Extension greenhouse have been getting lots of … Read more

Conjuring the illusion of a big little kitchen

The one-bedroom apartment that Laura and Ian Greig bought in Miami Beach last year had … Read more

Unusual color combos make rooms pop

When it comes to color combinations, you may ask yourself, what’s in and what’s out? … Read more

Container culture

Now is the time to assemble a potted masterpiece for the rest of the growing season

This is the time of year to assemble pots and containers for the rest of … Read more

Warm tones make an industrial kitchen feel inviting

Industrial-style kitchens have become more popular in the past decade, partially because of the rise … Read more

The delightful demands of the cutting garden

There is an inherent clash between the gardener who lovingly raises flowers and the florist … Read more

Not all plants trigger allergies

Learn about plants that produce fewer allergenic pollens

It’s embarrassing to be in public, start in with a series of uncontrollable sneezes and … Read more

Interior inspiration abounds

Examples of decor ideas for turning blank spaces into artful vignettes are everywhere

Whether it’s in nature, pages of a magazine, a friend’s home, hotel or designer show … Read more

For composters of all kinds, there’s delight in decay

Compost piles have been a staple of gardening since Adam was handed that accursed apple, … Read more

Splurge or save: Modern farmhouse has a cozy appeal

Phyllis Trevor Higgerson, a New England-based interior designer and photography stylist, touts modern farmhouse as … Read more

Horticulturist reflects on 50 years of working amid flowers

Horticulturist reflects on decades working (and living) amid flowers

ST. LOUIS — Steve Wolff knows one thing he’ll miss most about the garden where … Read more

Secrets to saving money on kitchen appliances

It’s no secret a kitchen appliance is a major purchase. So you might be surprised … Read more

Take your soil’s temperature before planting

Be patient, don’t rush

I get very upset watching drivers sneak through an intersection on the last thread of … Read more

Maryland museum’s signature art piece is also a horticultural feat

Even if it were not alive, the sculpture known as Split-Rocker would be a mind-blowing … Read more

Splurge or save: Chandeliers provide elegance, whimsy

A chandelier can draw the eye, serve as a statement piece and set the mood … Read more

How to plan perfect outdoor kitchen

Whether you’re lounging around the pool or telling stories around the fire pit, you love … Read more

Having the right tools is essential for new homeowners

Ah, the joys — and burdens — of becoming a homeowner. Buying a home is … Read more

Insect hotels harbor helpful pollinators

Garden sanctuaries for bees, ladybugs encourage bugs affected by pesticides

At a recent gardener gab-fest, the conversation turned enthusiastically to “insect hotels.” I was not … Read more

Pro tips to organize your home

Purge, arrange, post to Instagram

If you’re a borderline hoarder with serious home organization issues in desperate need of professional … Read more

Splurge or save: Bring dining style to small spaces

Dining rooms are a luxury that small-space dwellers often can’t afford. But a compact dining … Read more

How to resolve conflicts in a garden of succulents

Arid zone plants stab their neighbors to death. It’s an adaptation to limited water by … Read more

How to find the right lightbulbs

Knowing lighting measurements like lumens, kelvins will provide answers

Technology transforms lighting design at lightning speed, yet there is still no bigger bang-for-the-buck upgrade … Read more

Ancient Greek pattern meanders into modern decor

On a recent trip to London, I spent a morning wandering the antiquity galleries of … Read more

Splurge or Save: Scandinavian styles work in small spaces

There’s something about Scandinavian interior design that sings in small spaces. The style’s signature clean … Read more

The real magic of the Taj Mahal

The Mughal garden is a highly symbolic space shaped by its prescribed layout and creates a version of heaven on Earth

Since the Taj Mahal was completed in the mid-1600s, the world’s most famous monument to … Read more

Spring Garden Seminar classes to be held April 21 in Redmond

Gardening pros teaching a variety of classes

I know I’m not the only gardener who routinely does a walkabout to see what’s … Read more

Get your garden growing with spring pruning

Some Central Oregon plants could use a trim to start the season

The paltry pile of twigs and branches that came down in my landscape during the … Read more

Market for antiques cannot compete with ‘infinite creativity’ of modern design

When Todd Merrill opened his self-named antiques store on Manhattan’s Lower East Side in 2000, … Read more

Living walls are best left to pros and ex-presidents

When you view a life-size portrait of a notable person, your gaze tends to go … Read more

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