By Megan McDonough • The Washington Post

November is here, and for many of us, that means quality time spent around the dining room table. It’s the perfect place to share good meals and conversation with friends and family.

Interior designer and stylist Ginny Macdonald’s cozy, Old World-inspired dining room caught our eye on Instagram. The standout space looks warm and inviting — a perfect place to swap stories, jokes and laughs with guests around the holidays.

“My main inspiration for this room, and the house in general, was heavily taken from having grown up in the U.K.,” Macdonald, of Ginny Macdonald Design, said.

The designer, who now lives in Los Angeles, incorporated a mix of vintage furnishings and contemporary accents to create a curated look.

Most of her furniture pieces are flea market finds, she said.

The centerpiece of the room — the oversize vintage map of England — was scouted by Macdonald at an antique mall in California.

“It’s probably my favorite vintage find in the house,” she wrote said.

For a similar feel, she suggests searching Etsy for vintage maps and art, and mounting the work in simple and modern frames.

“Start off by selecting the main pieces, whether it be the dining table or the chairs,” Macdonald advised. “If you choose a modern dining table, then look for vintage chairs, and vice versa.”