Scrap yards, junkyards and building material salvage stores are home to a plethora of abandoned windows and other materials just waiting for a creative rescue.

An old wooden window frame with multiple panes can become a jazzy bulletin board for your office, kitchen or kid’s room with just a little TLC and minimal construction skills.

Finished size: Depends on window; the featured board is 24-by-40 inches.

What you’ll need:

• One paned window with solid framing

• Sandpaper or electric sander

• Wood filler

• Paint (and primer)

• Paintbrush

• Foam board, ¼-inch thick

• Screwdriver

• Putty knife

• Utility knife

• Dust mask

• Wood glue

• Fabric

• Spray adhesive

• Two metal hooks

• Picture hangers

Make the bulletin board:

1. Break out the glass panes and safely dispose of them.

2. Chip out the old glazing with the putty knife. Reglue any areas of the mullions that appear loose. Fill any damaged areas, nail holes and screw holes with wood filler.

3. Remove any old hardware from the frame.

4. Sand the entire frame to prepare it for painting.

5. Prime and/or paint the window frame. A second coat may be needed, depending on paint type and window frame condition.

6. Cut foam board shapes to fit the recessed window openings. Measure openings individually as they may not all be the same size.

7. Using spray adhesive, cover the foam shapes with fabric.

8. Glue each fabric-covered shape into the corresponding opening.

9. Position hooks as desired on the window frame face.

10. Hang on the wall in desired location.

Many faces

If you don’t want to cover the squares with fabric, use cork over the foam pieces instead. It’s available by the precut piece or by the roll at the craft store.

The window frame also makes a perfect jewelry holder. Instead of foam, cover the underside of the frame with screening and staple in place along the edges. Hang earrings and necklaces on the screen with tiny S-hooks or simply insert the wires into the screen.

Don’t need a bulletin board? Add a mirror behind the mullions. Mirrors come in various shapes and sizes at the craft store. Use individual pieces, or mount a single large mirror behind the frame.

The new-again window also makes a perfect frame for family photos. Simply mount them behind each opening and secure to the window underside.

If you simply rehab the window frame itself, it’s great for hanging holiday ornaments in the openings.

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