Restaurant inspections

Deschutes County restaurant inspections

Highest scoring

Bend Preserve Restaurant (Thousand Trails): 100

Best Western Plus Rama Inn: 100

Big Belly Burger and Brew: 100

Blondies Pizza: 100

Bos Taurus: 100

City Center Foursquare Church: 100

Council on Aging of Central Oregon: 100

Kanpai: 100

Mt. Bachelor Cocoas — West Village: 100

Mt. Bachelor Ski and Sport Pinnacles: 100

Pastini Pastaria: 100

Reed Pub Company: 100

Rimrock Taphouse: 100

Sargents Cafe: 100

Sisters Senior Center: 100

Velvet Bend: 100

Village Bar and Grill: 100

Zydeco Kitchen and Cocktails: 100

Lowest scoring

Super 8 (Bend): 61 — The handwashing sink is bone dry. How can the hand wash sink not be used when preparing and monitoring food? The food in the counter top refrigerator in the dining room is holding food at 53 degrees. Yogurt, butter, cream cheese and hard -boiled eggs all found to be above 41 degrees. The quat sanitizer container is empty. No sanitizer delivered to the third sanitizer compartment of the three-compartment sink dishwashing method. The sewer piping is leaking under the dishwashing sink. Evidence that there has been a bee problem for some time; towels placed under dripping sewer line to collect the waste water, towels are very wet and dirty, staff has placed plastic sheeting around the leak to limit splash. Rug cleaning chemicals stored on the kitchen counter. No one monitoring food cold holding temperature. No one testing sanitizer level on dishwashing setup. Facility does not have any quat ammonia test strips for testing the sanitizer concentrations of the dishwashing sinks. No sanitizer is dispensed from the quat sanitizer machine.

Currents at the Riverhouse: 78 — Bucket of raw scallops was stored above cooked potato dish in reach-in drawers. Container of raw shell eggs was stored above cooked meats on speed rack in walk-in refrigerator. Green olives stuffed with cheese and fruit syrups in bar reach-in cooler were holding at 50 degrees. Accumulation of ice cubes could be seen on back of bar cooler. Portioned pork for Cuban sandwiches was holding at 48-50 degrees in top of salad station cooler. Shellstock tags with dates within the last month were not marked with discard date. Thermometer in back sandwich prep cooler (across from hearth oven) had bubbles in indicator fluid and did not read accurate temperature. Top portion of slicer (directly above blade) had accumulation of food debris. Accumulation of black and pinkish organic material in floor sink in bar.

Wallow Bar and Grill: 80 — Observed ribs cooling in the walk-in from night before inspection at 50 degrees. Elk burgers on cook-line held at 50 degrees for unknown time. Bar dish machine had less than 50 parts per million chlorine.

Rolberto’s Taco Shop: 86 — Cooked beans cooled overnight at 54 degrees in walk-in cooler. Open water bottle and cup of coffee in prep area. No sneeze protection from self -serve tortilla chips. No hand soap available in women’s restroom. Knives stored between tables in difficult -to -clean area, bowl stored in ice machine.

Pho House Vietnamese Restaurant: 87 — Noted rice in reach-in at 55 degrees that had been cooked previous day and been in refrigerator overnight. Three-compartment sink (used for foods) is directly connected to grease trap. No date marking system in place. Noted wiping cloths held in solution with 0 parts per million.

Mt. Bachelor Sunrise Lodge: 87 — Observed employee drink from screw top container and return to work without washing hands. Chemical storage on shelf over food prep area. Open package of turkey and open package of ham not dated. Premade sandwiches not dated. Pans of consumer self-service table were commingled with handles not all facing in one direction. Area around kitchen hand sink near dish pit with degraded formica and refrigerator doors are difficult to close or do not latch.

Kayos Dinner House: 87 — Raw clams and calamari stored above soy sauce and soft shell crab dip in reach-in cooler. Container of rice pilaf in steam table at 90 degrees. No soap available at downstairs bar hand sink.

Gordy’s Truck Stop and Restaurant: 87 — Raw eggs stored over ready -to -eat food in the walk-in. Salad unit running around 48 degrees (tomatoes at 48 degrees) unit of cook line running around 50 degrees (tomatoes at 49 degrees and turkey at 48 degrees). Employee drink over clean dishes with no lid.

Health inspections were conducted by the Deschutes County Public Health Department and reflect violations observed at inspection. The violations can range from general sanitation and maintenance to violations that have a direct connection to preventing foodborne illness to violations in procedures by maintenance that control the risk of foodborne illness, such as documentation, labeling, personnel training and equipment.

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