Restaurant inspections

Deschutes County Restaurant inspections

Highest scoring

Bluebird Coffee

Company: 100

Cascade Indoor Sports: 100

Days Inn: 100

Original Pancake House (Bend): 100

Shilo Inn Bend: 100

Sisters Movie House: 100

Skjersaa’s: 100

Sleep Inn of Bend: 100

Tetherow Cafe: 100

Tetherow Event Pavilion: 100

The Lot: 100

The Salvation Army: 100

Lowest scoring

Big O Bagels (Galveston Avenue): 79 — Operator cracked raw shell eggs with gloved hands, then handled container of cooked meat and made breakfast sandwich without removing gloves or washing hands. Black forest ham, sliced tomatoes, slices of cheese were holding at 60-65 degrees in middle sandwich prep table. Concentration of chlorine sanitizer in spray bottles measured more than 200 parts per million. Operator was aware that sandwich prep table was holding at 60-65 degrees but placed phf foods (ham, sliced tomatoes, cheese) in refrigerator the morning of the inspection, stating that the temperature dial was hard to adjust to the right temperature. Spray bottles containing clear liquid under three-compartment sink were not labeled.

Panda Express (Redmond): 87 — Chow mein prep cooler holding foods at 44 degrees and air temperature at 43 degrees. Check valve backflow device over mop sink leaking. Paper towel dispenser on main line out of paper towels.

Croutons (Century Drive): 88 — Both restroom hand sinks around 70 degrees after running for several minutes, the person in charge also checked. Spray bottle containing clear liquid located by the walk -in glass doors; spray bottle with green chemical located by three compartment sink not labeled.

Victorian Cafe: 89 — Applesauce at server station was suspended above ice, temperature measured. Daily specials menu containing several entrees with poached eggs did not have a consumer advisory (items were not marked with symbol, did not have a disclosure statement and did not have a reminder statement). Unlabeled plastic food containers were used for wiping cloth buckets with QUAT sanitizer. Cold water leak at main handwashing sink in kitchen.

Pine Tavern Restaurant and Bar: 89 — Grilled chicken, pico de gallo and sliced cheese were holding in refrigerated drawers at 50 degrees. Fresh clams were in container in reach-in refrigerator without tags attached. Shellstock tags from shellstock that have been sold recently did not have last date of sale or service attached. Metal portion of lid of ice cream freezer is missing, exposing insulation and cardboard lid lining.

Solomon’s: 89 — Raw beef stored over seafood on cookline. Hand -washing sink in kitchen with no hand soap.

Redmond Burger Company: 89 — Employee placed burgers on grill with bare hands and continued to work without washing hands. Cooked meats received from other location not marked with date cooked. Hand-washing sink on line does not have hot water due to leaking valve. Hub drains in kitchen and hand sink are not draining properly.

Bend Elks Lodge No. 1371: 89 — Chili in walk-in cooler dated 12 days prior to inspection. No soap available at small bar handsink. No paper towels available at small bar handsink.

Health inspections were conducted by the Deschutes County Public Health Department and reflect violations observed at inspection. The violations can range from general sanitation and maintenance to violations that have a direct connection to preventing foodborne illness to violations in procedures by maintenance that control the risk of foodborne illness, such as documentation, labeling, personnel training and equipment.

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