Restaurant inspections

Deschutes County restaurant inspections

Highest scoring

Angeline’s Bakery: 100

Avid Cider Co. Taproom: 100

Backporch Coffee Roasters (Newport Ave.): 100

Bend Golf and Country Club Restaurant: 100

Bend Mountain Coffee: 100

Boss Rambler Beer Club: 100

Brewed Awakenings: 100

Cravin’s Candy Emporium: 100

El Caporal (Sunriver): 100

El Sancho Taco Shop: 100

Hampton Inn and Suites: 100

Looney Bean Bend: 100

Mother’s Juice Cafe: 100

Old Mill Stadium 16: 100

Olde Towne Pizza Company: 100

On Tap: 100

Palate: A Coffee Bar: 100

Pizza Mondo: 100

Ponderosa Pizza (La Pine): 100

Riverwoods Country Store: 100

Root Down Kitchen: 100

St. Charles Medical Center (Redmond): 100

Subway (La Pine): 100

Teacupfuls: 100

Lowest scoring

Maverick’s Country Bar: 81 — Whipped cream is date marked 27 days prior to inspection. Chlorine sanitizer is not dispensing at bar dishmachine (container is full, extensively primed). Detergent container is empty at bar dishmachine. Empty paper towel dispenser at rear service and no paper towels at bar. Cookline and bar spray bottles are not labeled. No thermometer available in bar reach-in. Bar ice wells have cold plates for service ice.

Holiday Inn Express and Suites: 82 — Food is unsafe, adulterated or not honestly presented. Potentially hazardous foods (eggs, milk products and meats) were found to be holding at 50-53 degrees in the commercial food refrigerator. During the inspection the health department thermometer was calibrated in ice water and found to be at 33 degrees. The inability of the dishwashing machine to sanitize has been an ongoing problem for this hotel to manage. Staff was required by the health department to log the dishwasher final rinse sanitizer concentration daily. When the machine broke down, staff stopped logging sanitizer concentration and stopped using the sanitizing dishwasher; management was afraid to address the issue because the owner would not approve the cost of repairs. Kitchen staff washed dishes in the single compartment sink with no sanitizing step and a lack of regard to spreading diseases among customers. Staff and management are not sanitizing dishes per state and federal requirements. Staff are not checking and holding milk products, eggs and meat at a safe temperature. Wet towels are used during service times to clean tables and wipe up spills. No bleach water is set up until after the kitchen is closed and is only used during clean up.

Chi Chinese and Sushi Bar: 84 — Open box of raw shell eggs stored above open box of chai in walk-in refrigerator. No parasite destruction records for fish served raw as ready-to-eat; operator stated that suppliers were Ocean Beauty and Pacific Seafood. Items containing raw fish not marked with a symbol on sushi menu or on main menu (last page). No disclosure statement or explanation states that items marked with symbol contain raw fish. No paper towels were available at handwashing sink on side of kitchen near walk-in refrigerator. No detectable quat in wiping cloth bucket behind bar. Broken electronic equipment was stored among canned goods in dry storage room. Pair of pliers and dirty rag were stored on bib soda boxes.

Yi’s Wok: 87 — Rice noted at room temperature (per person in charge it had been there only one hour or less). Garlic in oil at room temperature and cooked pork at room temperature (per person in charge less than one hour since cooking). Food prep sink near line directly connected to grease trap. Noted unapproved drinking containers in prep area and server area. Noted wiping cloths on counter tops. Noted buildup of food debris and grease around cooking area. Area around and in food prop sink has accumulation of stains and soil.

Jack in the Box (Bend): 87 — Shake mix at 48 degrees in machine. Machine turned off and no longer in use. Paper towels at front handsink are not perforated and sitting on shelf. Interior of ice machine is dirty. Microwave is dirty.

Health inspections were conducted by the Deschutes County Public Health Department and reflect violations observed at inspection. The violations can range from general sanitation and maintenance to violations that have a direct connection to preventing foodborne illness to violations in procedures by maintenance that control the risk of foodborne illness, such as documentation, labeling, personnel training and equipment.

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