Most recent restaurant inspections

DESCHUTES COUNTY RESTAURANT INSPECTIONS Highest scoring Just Cut Organic Juice Bar: 100 Bellataza (NW Wall … Read more

Foodie Crawl returns to downtown Bend

After a year’s hiatus, one of Bend’s tastiest events is returning to downtown Bend. The … Read more

For South Asian cooks, starter for making yogurt is an heirloom

One of the oldest items in my childhood home in Dallas is a yogurt culture. … Read more

How to make your best pot of chili

A pot of chili may be one of winter’s ultimate comforts. Hearty, filling, hot and … Read more

The ultimate snow day treat

This rich homemade hot chocolate — a combination of two recipes — hits the requirements for a warm winter beverage

In the kitchen, the most common types of happy accident are not what you’d expect. … Read more

The gateway bread: fast, no-knead focaccia

This no-fuss focaccia is the perfect way to ease into homemade bread and should be a kitchen staple

One of the wonderful things about living, breathing and working in food is all that … Read more

Some kombucha makers have upped the alcohol content

Brewers of hard kombucha say its health benefits remain; other brewers disagree

Kombucha — as purveyors of the health elixir claim — has a multitude of health … Read more

The science, guesswork of predicting food trends

What will we eat in 2019? If our nation’s ­prognosticators have their say, we’ll be … Read more

The best-ever clam chowder recipe from a Seattle chef

Chef Heather Earnhardt of Seattle’s beloved The Wandering Goose now has a lovely coastal headquarters … Read more

Most recent restaurant inspections

Highest scoring Dutch Bros Coffee (Century Drive): 100 Sleep Inn and Suites (Redmond): 100 Fairfield … Read more

Don’t eat raw dough, CDC warns; experts aren’t so sure

The Christmas cookies are in the oven; the mixing bowl, which is still coated with … Read more

Coffee, bitterness and genetics

The desire for that caffeine rush may be so strong, we’ll seek out bitterness to get it

Marilyn Cornelis has been thinking about coffee for most of her life. As a child, … Read more

Most recent restaurant inspections

Highest scoring Si! Fresh Delights: 100 Holiday Inn Express and Suites: 100 Shari’s #231 (Redmond): … Read more

Last-minute hacks to make T-Day go off without a hitch

If there’s one rule that Thanksgiving experts agree on, it’s to plan ahead. Make lots … Read more

For a less-awkward Thanksgiving, try a make-your-own-Old-Fashioned Bar

To me, holiday meals are there to conjure nostalgia. The same desire for familiarity governs … Read more

Pasta can help solve dinner dilemmas

In this era when every other person seems to be avoiding carbs or gluten, the … Read more

Spice up your food with your own custom spice blend

Spice blends! More specifically, making your own custom mix of spices to use in your … Read more

Hate maple syrup? How un-American!

Food critic explains why she hates the beloved topping of pancakes and waffles

“How can you hate maple syrup?” the hordes asked, as they banned me from Vermont … Read more

Most recent restaurant inspections

Deschutes County restaurant inspections Highest scoring Bonta Natural Artisan Gelato: 100 10 Barrel Brewing Co. … Read more

Cooking pork chops through thick and thin

My parents didn't make pork at home when I was a kid. When I started … Read more

It’s the season for scoops of ice cream, so why not add some to your booze?

New York City gave us the Manhattan. Florence gave us the Negroni. Santiago de Cuba … Read more

Quick and easy garnishes to liven up your plain, boring food

My favorite scene in “The Wizard of Oz” has always been when Dorothy steps out … Read more

Dried chile peppers: your secret flavor weapon in the kitchen

Word-association time! I say “chile pepper,” you say … All right, so this is a … Read more

Yes, you can make crispy, juicy fried chicken at home

Of all the arguments that can be made for cooking at home, most come down … Read more

Plumcots, apriums and pluots, oh my

How to keep track of all those hybrid fruits

The choice presents itself to you in the produce aisle like a word puzzle. There … Read more

Shake up your Caprese salad — or perfect the classic combination

Eating a ripe, juicy tomato in summer is a delight. Sometimes that's all you need … Read more

Condiment gets its due

The sauce might be red, or green. It might have mint, or jalapeño, or fenugreek, … Read more

Everything you need to know about grilling steak

Hamburgers, hot dogs and chicken are fine in their way, but when it comes time … Read more

Trendy foods you'll soon be seeing everywhere

Fancy Foods Show features the latest flavors, fads and drinks before they hit grocery shelves

Every year, thousands of food brands head to New York to show off their wares … Read more

How to roast peppers — the unsung heroes of your produce bin

Roasted peppers are one of the most versatile ingredients around. Use them on a salad … Read more

Most recent restaurant inspections

Deschutes County restaurant inspections Highest scoring Dutch Bros Coffee (NE U.S. Highway 97): 100 The … Read more

Cocktails from the garden are made with fresh herbs and fruit

Now is the best time of the year, when fruit and vegetables and herbs are … Read more

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