Highest scoring

Dutch Bros Coffee (Century Drive): 100

Sleep Inn and Suites (Redmond): 100

Fairfield Inn and Suites: 100

Eurosports: 100

Pine Ridge Inn: 100

MOD Pizza (Robal Lane): 100

Riverhouse Convention Center: 100

Sisters Senior Center: 100

KFC (Redmond): 100

Econo Lodge: 100

Carl’s Jr. (Redmond): 100

Kim and Karla’s: 100

River’s Place: 100

Odem Theater Pub: 100

Substance (Division Street): 100

Soup 2 Nuts 2 Go: 100

VFW Post #1643 (Ponderosa Pine): 100

Depot Cafe: 100

Bend Mountain Coffee: 100

Hop and Brew: 100

La Magie (Sisters): 100

Lowest scoring

Hong Kong Restaurant: 76 — Raw unpackaged meats in freezer and in direct contact with other food containers. Dishwasher in the bar is at less than observable range on test strips for final rinse. Open container noted in kitchen — also many open employee foods noted in kitchen refrigerators. Observed cooked rice, cooked meats, pre-made spring roll filling and spring rolls prepared previous day without date mark. Observed open milks without date mark. Did not observe date marking system in place in facility. Area around wok cooking station with accumulation of food debris, area under mixer with accumulated soil, food debris under cover of slicer and interior of dishwasher.

Hola! (U.S. Highway 20): 79 — Bags of raw fish were stored over containers of cooked purple and yellow potatoes in low reach-in cooler on front line. Temperature of black beans on steam table measured 126 degrees at time of inspection. Slimy, foul smelling substance under left cutting board on cook line, food debris and stains on right cutting board on make-line. Open can of Red Bull energy drink located on drainboard of three-compartment sink. Container of Raid ant killer located on chemical shelf above mop sink. Wet wiping cloths with visible food debris were stored on cutting boards on cook line. Caulk on dirty drainboard side on dishwasher had black growth. Fan covers in walk-in refrigerator, ceiling tiles and vent covers in kitchen had accumulation of grease and dust. Sweatshirts on bib boxes, employee coats stored on bags of clean liners.

Noi Thai Cuisine: 80 — Prep table holding foods at 50 degrees; food moved or thrown out. Observed worker drink from bottle water and screw cap back on with gloved hands; no hand washing. Empty chicken eggs are boiled and then held at room temperature. Wicker baskets in hand sinks. No soap available at far hand sink. Roll of non-perforated paper towels on cook line.

Hot Lava Baking and Coffee Co.: 81 — Observed moldy pumpkin puree and moldy icing at facility. Cooked eggs holding at 122 degrees, warmer had not been turned on. Employees on site unaware of employee illness policy. Herb garlic butter, pumpkin puree, alternative milks, whip cream and open pasteurized eggs not dated. Island ice blenders with accumulation of soil near rim. Proofing box not working, using methane heater in box to warm. Food debris in reach-in refrigerator and on equipment and bins. Bathroom door propped open.

Northside Bar and Grill: 81 — Garlic butter made with heated garlic was held on countertop at 78 degrees, horseradish and sour cream held on countertop at 70 degrees, half and half in domestic “dorm-style” refrigerator at 48 degrees. Third compartment of three-compartment sink is directly connected to grease trap. Third compartment of sink has chicken thawing in it (operator stated that prep sink in kitchen is used by bar for dumping beer glasses, and had plastic colander in it for dumping glasses at time of inspection). Plastic Pepsi glass without lid or straw was on clean equipment shelf over clean pans, colanders and bowl. Container of roast beef, container of shredded lettuce and open container of cottage cheese without date marking. Consumer advisory on menu is not complete: Individual items are not marked with asterisk and no disclosure statement is on menu. Bag of frozen chicken thawing in bowl of stagnant water in left compartment of three-compartment sink. No thermometers available in front left reach-in cooler or in new LED-lit reach-in cooler in back of kitchen. Pink growth visible in ice machine.

Riverwoods Country Store: 81 — Raw eggs and bacon stored over juice in refrigerator. Cooler holding pizza toppings, including Canadian bacon, pineapple and cheese at 47 to 48 degrees. Open cup in Subway area. Hand sink at cash register area not functioning. Back hand sink near dish pit with no towels.

Health inspections were conducted by the Deschutes County Public Health Department and reflect violations observed at inspection. The violations can range from general sanitation and maintenance to violations that have a direct connection to preventing foodborne illness to violations in procedures by maintenance that control the risk of foodborne illness, such as documentation, labeling, personnel training and equipment.