Highest scoring

Si! Fresh Delights: 100

Holiday Inn Express and Suites: 100

Shari’s #231 (Redmond): 100

Starbucks #9725 (Cascade Village): 100

Subway #19656 (Sisters): 100

Starbucks #2815 (Century Drive): 100

Silverleaf Cafe: 100

McDonald’s (Redmond Walmart): 100

Parrilla Grill (Greenwood): 100

Sisters Movie House: 100

Aspen Lakes Golf Course: 100

Hardtails Bar and Grill: 100

Geno’s Italian Grill: 100

St. Thomas Italian Grill: 100

St. Thomas Catholic Church: 100

VFW Post #4108 (Redmond): 100

Lavender Thrift Hopes Nutri Stop: 100

Lowest scoring

El Rancho Grande #2: 71 — Raw shell eggs are stored over ready-to-eat vegetables in cook-line reach-in cooler. Raw repackaged meats stored over peppers in reach-in freezer. Refried beans and rice in steam table are at 125-128 degrees. Cook-line hand sink is leaking into bucket on floor. Back hand sink is leaking heavily and has been plugged. Open cup of tea/soda on cook line. No digital probe thermometer available. No chlorine test strips available. Large spoon used to stir heating bowl is placed on hand sink between uses. Scoop holder in ice machine is taped in place and difficult to clean.

123 Ramen: 72 — Concord grape product was located on bottom shelf of reach-in freezer, below bloody packages of raw beef wrapped in paper. “Pickle Pickle” dated over three months prior to inspection in upright reach-in cooler in back room. Another jar of pickles and onions were without labeling. Chopped onion in pink solution (pickled onion) without date marking. Spray nozzle without back-flow prevention was submerged in screen drain of middle compartment of three-compartment sink. Person in charge stated that third (right) compartment of sink was used to clean produce, no food-prep sink is available at establishment. All compartments of three-compartment sink are installed directly to grease trap, located directly below sink. Employee washed hands several times in three-compartment sink.

La Magie Bakery (Bend): 84 — Insets of raw shell eggs are stored immediately next to inset with sliced avocado and herbs. Hollandaise sauce is stored at 100 degrees above grill and time stamped for four hours. However, after four hours, sauce is remixed and returned above grill, not thrown out. Large container blocking hand sink. No paper towels at kitchen hand sink. Cook-line utensils stored in 100 degree water between uses. Frozen chicken sitting in standing water in kitchen three-compartment sink. Butter mop with wood handle and cloth strings.

Sonic Drive-In (S. U.S. Highway 97): 84 — Observed employee handling raw ground beef patties then touching ready to eat items and clean surfaces. Plastic trays and racks in hot holding equipment with significant build up of grease and food debris. Ice machine with significant build up of ice mold on interior of machine. Significant number of fruit flies around walk-in area. Ice cream container in ice cream machine not lidded and machine leaking condensate. Ice cream machine door gasket not sealing and duct tape used to hold shut. Milkshake machine repaired with duct tape. Walls throughout the facility with build-up of dust and debris, floors in facility with standing water, walk-in floor and shelving with food debris. Gloves and other single service items stored on ice machine that is leaking, leading to wet and degrading containers. Grout in tile flooring throughout the facility degraded, leading to difficult to clean surfaces that harbor dirt and debris.

Johnny Carino’s Italian Restaurant: 86 — Insets of grilled onions and peppers are stored directly next to raw shrimp and mussels in prep cooler on cook line. Open cup of coffee on cookline. No soap available at bar hand sink (mounted dispenser is not working). Roll of non-perforated paper towels on counter next to hand sink. Floor tiles on cookline and walk-in cooler are broken or missing and pooling water.

Health inspections were conducted by the Deschutes County Public Health Department and reflect violations observed at inspection. The violations can range from general sanitation and maintenance to violations that have a direct connection to preventing foodborne illness to violations in procedures by maintenance that control the risk of foodborne illness, such as documentation, labeling, personnel training and equipment.