Deschutes County restaurant inspections

Highest scoring

Bonta Natural Artisan Gelato: 100

10 Barrel Brewing Co. (west side): 100

La Fondita Mexican Grill: 100

Pizza Hut #2918 (Redmond): 100

Cold Stone Creamery #22390: 100

Cheerleaders Grill and Pub: 100

Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwich Shop (Redmond): 100

Starbucks #19821 (SW Canal Blvd.): 100

Fiesta Mazatlan: 100

The Rocket Coffee Co.: 100

Flatbread Community Oven: 100

Cindy’s Chinese Garden: 100

Richard’s Donuts and Pastries: 100

Lucy’s Taco Shop: 100

Townshend’s Tea Company: 100

Tumble Inn Tavern: 100

Starbucks #9533 (Nolan Town Center): 100

McDonald’s (Nolan Town Center): 100

Lone Pine Coffee Roasters: 100

Lowest scoring

J&J Bar & Grill: 82 — Cook handled raw hamburger and proceeded to make sandwich after wiping hands on pants. Walk-in cooler at 44-45 degrees. Sliced ham, turkey, roast beef, mashed and whole potatoes are not date marked. No paper towels at kitchen wait station.

Chans of Redmond: 85 — Raw pork over ready-to-eat food in walk-in. Raw chicken held for unknown time at 59 degrees. Flies in the kitchen.

Mt. Bachelor Scapolos: 87 — Line prep coolers holding foods on top at 47-55 degrees; foods had been stocked that morning. Tomato jam date marked 10 days before inspection. Brie, butter and cream not dated. Observed several open containers in kitchen. Observed employee eating in kitchens and drinking from open container in kitchen while wearing gloves.

Teacupfuls: 87 — Several types of ready to eat meats and noodles dated 11 and 10 days prior to inspection. Sanitizer in use being mixed at over 500 parts per million. Marking system for waffle batter not being used.

Timbers Bar and Grill (East): 87 — No hot water available at left handwashing sink in women’s and men’s restrooms. Burgers, sirloin steak and eggs on menu do not have symbol linking them to consumer advisory reminder statement.

Health inspections were conducted by the Deschutes County Public Health Department and reflect violations observed at inspection. The violations can range from general sanitation and maintenance to violations that have a direct connection to preventing foodborne illness to violations in procedures by maintenance that control the risk of foodborne illness, such as documentation, labeling, personnel training and equipment.