Deschutes County restaurant inspections

Highest scoring

Mill Inn Bed and Breakfast: 100

Hilton Garden Inn: 100

Jonnie’s Catering Service: 100

Econo Lodge: 100

Christie’s Kitchen: 100

Original Pancake House (Bend): 100

Best Western Plus Rama Inn: 100

Lowest scoring

Mt. Bachelor Sunrise Lodge: 82 — Observed employee place raw chicken breast meat on grill with bare hands, then wash dishes and equipment, then continue food handling activities, without washing hands. Observed cubes of tofu in marinade in container on counter top holding at 48 degrees. Observed ramen noodles in container on countertop at 73 degrees. Observed cooked pork holding at 119 degrees in hot well. Observed spray nozzle at three-compartment sink hanging below flood rim of rinse compartment of sink. Observed employee wash hands in three-compartment sink. Observed cold water was shut off at valve below handwashing sink (per operator’s comments, this is because it leaks when the shut off valve is opened). Observed doors to reach-in coolers do not shut completely, or pop open from air pressure when adjacent doors are closed.

Bend Burger Company: 82 — Raw shell eggs stored over lettuce in reach-in cooler. Raw brats and bacon stored over kegs and bottled beer. Coldtech reach-in cooler holding foods at 53 degrees. Sauces and cheese moved to another unit. To be repaired/replaced within 2 weeks of reinspection. Bottle of antacid relief tablets is stored over food prep area. No digital probe thermometer available (provide within 2 weeks).

McKay Cottage: 82 — On cookline, hollandaise sauce with raw egg is stored behind shredded cheese and other ready-to-eat foods and must be ladled over. In walk-in cooler, raw shell eggs are stored over mayo. Gravy cooked yesterday is in large plastic, covered container at 48 degrees. Few plates of baked goods on display case and neighboring counter have no sneeze protection.

Lucky Fortune Chinese Restaurant: 86 — Raw meats stored over precooked chicken and ready-to-eat sauces. Employee observed chewing gum in kitchen, personal foods including in-use bowl and drinking cup in kitchen. Lids placed on cooling cooked foods prior to full cooling being completed. Cooked items in walk-in not dated. Preparation of sauces in back storage room with no handsink or food prep allowed. Ice machine with formation of biofilm mold on baffle. Back storage area near sauce prep with accumulation of soils.

Victorian Cafe: 86 — Large 6-inch pan of chili is 110 degrees with lid askew in walk-in cooler, stacked on chili from previous day. Cookline employee has direct food contact while wearing fingernail polish. Clean tongs are placed on hood shelf which is dirty. No hand washing available in upstairs prep/storage area (towels and soap available, sink not hooked up). Knife at upstairs prep table is stored in sanitizing solution. Baseball hat is stored over bread and utensils. Wood handled “butter mop” is not cleanable. Men’s and women’s toilet rooms are not kept closed during maintenance.

Health inspections were conducted by the Deschutes County Public Health Department and reflect violations observed at the time of inspection. The violations can range from general sanitation and maintenance to violations that have a direct connection to preventing foodborne illness to violations in procedures by maintenance that control the risk of foodborne illness, such as documentation, labeling, personnel training and equipment. During and after inspections, food vendors were allowed to correct violations to improve scores prior to a follow-up inspection.

You can find restaurant and mobile food cart inspections at Deschutes County’s website.