Deschutes County restaurant inspections

Highest scoring

Cibelli’s New York Pizza (Eastside): 100

Di Pizza: 100

Bleu Bite Catering: 100

Burger King 5868 (Redmond): 100

Coho Coffee Co. (W Seventh Street): 100

Port of Subs: 100

Lone Pine Coffee Roasters: 100

Starbucks 19821 (SW Canal): 100

The Vault Taphouse: 100

Original Pancake House (Redmond): 100

Tin Pan Theater: 100

Si! Fresh Delights: 100

Croutons (Greenwood); 100

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory: 100

Taco Bell No. 19340 (Bellevue Drive): 100

Cuppa Yo Frozen Yogurt (east): 100

Sharc Banquet Kitchen: 100

Salud Raw Foods: 100

Wildroots Coffeehouse: 100

Upper Terrace Eats: 100

Just Cut Organic Juice Bar: 100

The Brown Owl: 100

Kanpai: 100

Panda Express No. 1732 (Redmond): 100

Lowest scoring

Washington Dining and Cocktails: 70 — Raw beef is stored next to sliced cheese in refrigerated drawers (beef moved to bottom shelf). Several small containers over pan of ice (not in contact with ice) at 70 degrees on counter (tartar, cut tomatoes, Parmesan thrown out). Expired ham in the refrigerator (thrown out). No sanitizer test strips available. Wall mounted potato slicer is dirty with several flies on it (thoroughly cleaned). No soap at bar hand sink (hand soap provided). No paper towels available at bar hand sink (paper towels provided). Cook line spatula is in standing water. Bar sanitizer bucket had no measurable level of sanitizer (refreshed to 200ppm). Dozens of flies in facility with inadequate control methods in place. One electric fly catcher in kitchen.

El Rodeo Mexican Restaurant: 84 — Line cooler and drawer cooler under line holding between 45 to 47 degrees. Items only held in those areas for short time. Walk-in at 43 to 44 degrees. Delivery just finished — temperature coming down by end of inspection. Cutting board on line cooler only washed, rinsed and sanitized once daily. Some ready-to-eat items not date marked, including half and half in the bar, bulk salsa in the walk-in and precooked rellenos. Orange cleaner not labeled in spray bottle. Container of tamales being stored on garbage can. No lid on chip container in dry storage or on cooked rellenos in walk-in. Walk-in floor tile chipped and some tiles missing due to replacement of freezer door. Cooler in bar not easily cleanable inside. Leak caused by ice dam in winter caused damage to ceiling in dry storage area. Leak fixed, but damage to dry wall has not yet been repaired.

Okawa Steakhouse and Sushi: 84 — In walk-in, raw beef stored over sushi fish (moved). In line cooler, chicken stored in center of top line near ready-to-eat items. No date marking system in place. Sushi rice held at room temperature, must have system to verify that it is not held longer than four hours. Cloth stored on top of sushi rice. Containers of cut vegetables on floor of walk-in. Ice machine baffle with ice mold.

Wubba’s BBQ Shack: 84 — Observed pulled pork in holding drawer at 70 degrees. Observed no detectable chlorine sanitizer in final rinse of ware-washing machine. Observed no test strips were available for use with sanitizer in wiping cloth buckets. Observed accumulation of black organic material behind and under ware-washing machine.

Barrio: 76 — Black beans heated to 150 degrees and placed in hot holding area. Black beans in walk-in cooler cooked day before, at 50 degrees in large plastic covered container (beans thrown out). Expired queso, beans frijoles and pickled onions in refrigerator (food thrown out). Open glass of water on cookline (drink removed). Test strips for ammonia are moisture damaged and not functional. Only cold water available at bar hand sink. Only hot water available at back kitchen hand sink. Cloth napkin covering salad.

Health inspections were conducted by the Deschutes County Public Health Department and reflect violations observed at the time of inspection. The violations can range from general sanitation and maintenance to violations that have a direct connection to preventing foodborne illness to violations in procedures by maintenance that control the risk of foodborne illness, such as documentation, labeling, personnel training and equipment. After inspections, food vendors were allowed to correct violations to improve scores prior to a follow-up inspection.

You can find restaurant and mobile food cart inspections at Deschutes County’s website.