By Cassandra Jaramillo

The Dallas Morning News

London Burton calls her eye-catching jumpsuit designs her “God-given gift.”

The designer, who lives in Cedar Hill, Texas, never received formal training in fashion design.

Burton, 38, is an Army veteran who served as a combat medic and then a nurse for more than 11 years.

Starting Haute Société was a leap of faith for Burton. Her latest collection of high-end jumpsuits is called “In The Trenches,” taking inspiration from her military background. The jumpsuits feature high necklines and collars, with dark colors and brass buttons. Pieces range from $350 to $900. Her line is available online only.

Here are more facts about the designer:

Burton is anti-dress

She doesn’t like wearing dresses.

“Dresses are beautiful, but they’re not comfortable. Just like heels aren’t comfortable,” Burton says.

Tyra Banks wore her design

As a self-funded designer, Burton says it can be hard to grow the brand. Sometimes, she doubted herself. That changed when she got a phone call asking her to dress supermodel Tyra Banks in her Red Dawn Suit piece.

Banks wore the outfit for an event in Dallas.

“It was an amazing moment for me as a designer, and as a black woman looking at Tyra and growing up seeing the things she accomplished,” Burton says.

Her clothes are charitable

The three charities that Haute Société will be giving to are Power to Give Foundation, the Source of Hope and the Veteran Women’s Enterprise Center.

She’s considering bridal jumpsuits

Burton says she’s thinking of designs for a bridal collection, aimed at brides who want a daring look.

Her dream clients?

Michelle Obama and Rihanna.

“I’m putting that into prayer and action,” she says with a laugh.