Beer cocktails are not a novel idea.

Hipsters in Portland have been pushing PBR martinis for more than a decade, and in some parts of the Midwest, a red beer is considered fancy drinking.

But for the most part, beer cocktails tend to be a letdown. Like a tribute album made up of your favorite bands, beertails look great on paper but never live up to their potential. Instead of basking in a great underground find, you end up regretting not just buying the original White Album or Obsidian on nitro.

Until now.

Celebrating the holiday season — and an expanded liquor license — Silver Moon Brewing & Taproom is offering up a rum and pumpkin beer drink affectionately called the One-Eyed Pumpkin. Using their Twisted Gourd Pumpkin Ale as a base, bartenders/mad scientists at Silver Moon add spiced rum from Bend’s Oregon Spirit Distillers, brown sugar and maple syrup to create an epic end-of-the day drink.

Served in a snifter glass, the $7 wunderdrink may be the first of many all-local beertails from the longtime Bend brewery, which has been revamping just about everything but its name since new owners Matt Barrett and James Watts took over this past summer. (The $10 Burger and a Pint Night on Wednesdays rocks and the Christmas gift card beer label on their winter seasonal is brilliant.)

The brewpub is experimenting with other beer + spirits = goodness concoctions, so keep an eye out for more outside-the-pint-glass ideas.

— Beau Eastes