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Pizza slices from Raganelli’s

Raganelli’s Pizza


Food: Raganelli’s delivered on its motto, “It’s the crust,” with dough made fresh from scratch daily. After considering the $6 personal pizza, I went for the $10 lunch special, which includes two large slices, two toppings and a top-shelf soda (i.e., the top shelf of the nearby refrigerator case). I chose one cheese and one pepperoni on Raganelli’s original dough. There’s also a CBD-infused dough available because, of course, there is. My two slices seemed to be made earlier and freshened up with extra cheese and extra pepperoni placed atop. Because I’d opted for only one topping, the total price came down to a reasonable $8.50. I more than got my money’s worth: My pepperoni slice was layered in them. My dining companion opted for the Paddy’s House Sandwich, featuring pepperoni, ham, olives, mushrooms, a mozzarella-provolone blend and lettuce or spinach on fresh-baked “crack” bread (original). Whole pies, calzones, hot wings and salads are also available.

Service: The cashier was friendly and knowledgeable as we navigated our orders. The cashier was also quick to come wipe down the table we’d selected, checked if we needed anything else when she brought our food out in a reasonable wait after ordering, and hollered a thank you from the kitchen when we departed. My dining companion’s giant sandwich was brought out cut in half, with half ready for consumption on-site, the other already wrapped in aluminum. He had it for lunch the next day.

Atmosphere: Raganelli’s occupies a small space, and it fills fast at lunch. If you like baseball, this pizza place is like a shrine to the San Francisco Giants.

More info

Location: 547 NE Bellevue Drive #107, Bend

Hours: 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily

Contact: 541-647-2343, raganellis@bendbroadband.com

Cuisine: Italian

Price range: $3.50 to $28

— David Jasper, The Bulletin

David Jasper: 541-383-0349, djasper@bendbulletin.com

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