blta one street down

The BLTA with a cup of fruit is among the options for the Half Sandwich Special at One Street Down Cafe.

One Street Down Cafe


Food: Breakfast is served all day at this morning and lunch spot near downtown Redmond. One of my two dining companions opted for blueberry pancakes with eggs. She found the blueberry pancakes agreeable, but the scrambled eggs were well done, whereas she prefers fluffy eggs. My other companion went with the Half Sandwich Special, the BLTA, which is what you’d expect, plus avocado. The special comes with a choice of soup, salad or fruit, and she selected fruit — pineapple, blueberries and grapes, which seems a bit underwhelming for $10, but hey, she could’ve had the chicken tortilla soup instead. I had the Californian, served with grilled chicken breast, bacon, provolone and avocado on rosemary bread. It was an enormous and tasty sandwich, and leftovers were enjoyed the next day.

Service: The friendly and prompt service we saw from our servers upon arrival waned after we ordered. From the long wait — a couple that rolled in after us ate and were departing as our food arrived. We were there for lunch on a weekday, and by the end the word “inattentive” began to seem most applicable.

Atmosphere: One Street Down Cafe occupies a former house on Seventh Street, and words like “cozy” spring to mind. There were large wooden tables, some tasteful pastels on the walls and a cool water feature in the room in which we were seated.

More info

Location: 124 SW Seventh St., Redmond

Hours: 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily

Price: Breakfast $8-$14, lunch $4-$14

Contact: or 541-647-2341

—David Jasper, The Bulletin

David Jasper: 541-383-0349,

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