The House Concert: Down Range

Down Range (Loren Irving — mandolin, harmonica and vocals, and Jay Bowerman — guitar, banjo and vocals) consider themselves just a couple of old coots who came late to the game of musical performance. But coming of age during the folk era of the 1950s and ’60s clearly influences what they write and perform today. They consider it a privilege to share their music and hope that it helps lift the spirits of those around them.

Keeping in the tradition of giving thanks on this holiday, GO! Magazine wanted to offer a special thank you to The House Concert producer Richard Schuurman.

Schuurman inspired the Central Oregon Creative Arts Relief Fund, an effort launched by The Bulletin and artist collaborative Scalehouse, to raise funds for artists hit hard by the pandemic. The donation drive raised nearly $40,000, all of which was dispersed among local musicians, performers and other creative artists.

The House Concert series, modeled after NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert, focused on local musicians.

Schuurman, publisher Heidi Wright’s husband, told GO! Magazine that he knew how hard it was to make a living as a musician because his younger brother, Eric, “carved out a career as an independent musician.” Schuurman also had a conversation with Bend singer-songwriter Pete Kartsounes about the struggles of artists during the pandemic.

Using his own recording equipment and time, Schuurman started The House Concert series. He scouted musicians for the series by attending the limited gigs presented in Bend. Without a doubt, Schuurman has an ear for talent. He also took suggestions from local music experts. He set up a socially distanced recording studio in his home to record video and audio, spending countless hours to capture the sounds of the likes of John Batdorf, Eric Leadbetter, Kartsounes, Alicia Vianni, Joel Chadd, Jenner Fox, Stephanie Slade, Patrick Pearsall, Jeshua Marshall, Down Range and many more.

Schuurman showcased the well-known talents as well as brought attention to some up-and-coming stars. The videos can be viewed on The Bulletin’s website at

Thank you, Richard, for sharing your devotion to Central Oregon’s musicians with GO! Magazine.

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