Consider mason bees for your garden

Mason bees are one of the pollinators generating increased interest in Central Oregon. It’s time … Read more

Fall is prime time to plant flower bulbs in Central Oregon

The Monday morning gossip ’round the water cooler is that spring bulbs will start arriving … Read more

Garden column: tips for drying garden herbs

Races, festivals, quilt shows and county fairs. Weren’t they all just a few weeks ago? … Read more

Check tomato plants for hornworms while it’s hot

The 85-degree-plus temperatures during the day and the warmer nights have finally pushed the growth … Read more

Do you have deformed tomatoes? There’s a word for that.

How could you not be fascinated by the phrase fasciated plants? You have probably raised … Read more

Prepare to be inspired at the 25th Annual High Desert Garden Tour

Variety is the spice of garden touring, and an annual event with some variety is … Read more

Knowing the right fertilizer to use: there’s a catchy phrase for that

Up, down and all around. No, that’s not the pain you feel after a long … Read more

How to pick, plant tomato plants in the High Desert

Is a tomato a fruit or vegetable? You might be able to win a local … Read more

Annual OSU Master Gardeners plant sale is June 1

“Grow your own” was a catchy phrase from several years ago that sort of, in … Read more

Planting carrots in Central Oregon can be rewarding

With crossed fingers and bated breath, I await the repair of my irrigation pump. I … Read more

How to plant by the numbers

Threes and fives? Symmetry? It’s time to break the rules.

Understanding numbers usually applies to the high finance world of Wall Street or maybe just … Read more

Gardening: Germinating plant and flower seeds for the summer

An unheralded benefit to an interest in gardening is that there is always something to … Read more

Spring master gardeners classes offer advice, tips

According to my weather data from April 2018, we had a low of 19 degrees … Read more

Forcing spring early from soon-to-bloom branches

One of my favorite books to pull from the gardening bookshelf is “The Quotable Gardener,” … Read more

Plan your garden with pollinators in mind

Did you really think it was too early to plan your garden? Never. Based on … Read more

Don’t wait for a disaster to take inventory of your belongings

No home is completely safe from disasters. Although many of us are prepared with emergency … Read more

The National Garden Bureau’s 2019 picks for annual, perennial, bulb and edible

This year’s selections vary greatly, but any would be a worthwhile addition to your garden

The National Garden Bureau, founded in 1920, is a nonprofit organization developed during the World … Read more

A few easy and attractive ways to live green

Don’t let visions of clunky solar panels and backbreaking work make you shy away from … Read more

Perennial Plant of the Year is the stachys Hummelo

This purple, fluffy flower is deer resistant and good for the bees

Traditionally, for the first columns of the New Year I like to honor the plants … Read more

The best doormats for your entryway, according to experts

Even if you have a no-shoe policy in your house, there will be times when … Read more

Before the frost clears, savor the planning for spring

Use winter to plan next year’s garden selections

One day in October, as my garden was in the final stages of fall cleanup, … Read more

Got mice? Get a working cat

Richard Stoike’s family has owned his home in Queens, New York for decades, and for … Read more

Bring warmth into your home using scents

Sometimes it is the unseen that can make an impact on your home. Fragrance is … Read more

This gardener travels the world

Gardeners are by definition rooted to one place. That doesn’t mean they can’t go to … Read more

A holiday tribute to pets

“If the world was all golden retrievers, there would never be any arguments,” my husband, … Read more

What plants can I grow indoors for festive holiday colors?

Houseplants are a nice addition to any home, and blooming ones during the holidays can … Read more

Splurge or save: A curated, vintage-inspired dining room

November is here, and for many of us, that means quality time spent around the … Read more

Why every garden should have a potted tree

In this rush to lay bare the winter garden, we may be missing an opportunity. … Read more

Georgia roadsides dazzle with flowers and butterflies galore

Recently I seemingly awoke from a daze while driving Interstate 85 north of Columbus, Georgia, … Read more

Creating an attractive point of entry in your home

When you walk into a home, what is the first thing you see? The first … Read more

Protect your clothes with the right detergent

Some experts offer their choices in laundry soap — and some clothes washing tips

“Take good care of your clothes, and they’ll keep you looking good,” says Christina Elsberry, … Read more

A school garden can encourage children to eat vegetables

The most common question I’m asked by parents is, “How can I get my kid … Read more

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