Highest scoring

Arbys of Redmond :100

Billy’s Cafe: 100

Burger King (North): 100

D and D Bar and Grill: 100

Eurosports: 100

Hola! (Bond Street): 100

JC’s Bar and Grill: 100

JDUB: 100

Porter Brewing Company: 100

Redmond Council for Senior Citizens: 100

Redmond Lucky 7: 100

Shari’s (North): 100

Signature Bend (Red Lion Inn and Suites): 100

Starbucks (S. U.S. Highway 97): 100

Townshend’s Tea Company: 100

Lowest scoring

El Super Burrito (NE U.S. Highway 20): 74 — Pans of refried beans are 66 degrees after cooling overnight. Salsa refrigerator at 50 degrees, back room three-door refrigerator at 49 degrees, packages of beef and tongue on counter or floor above 41 degrees. Kitchen handsink water is draining directly to floor, thus is not used. Open can of tea in reach-in cooler, also bottle of pineapple drink. Meat stored in containers on the floor. Some refrigerators do not have thermometers. Provide air gap or indirect drain at three-compartment sink, used for washing vegetables. Front handsink handle is encrusted with grease/food debris.

Szechuan Restaurant: 79 —Single container of tofu on counter at 66 degrees. Bag of sliced cabbage and sprouts out at room temperature. Sanitizer bucket with cleaning towels is well over 200 parts per million chlorine. No digital probe thermometer (or other probe) available. Knives and scissors are stored in dirty container with food debris on bottom. No thermometer in reach-in cooler. Shelves and counters, ceiling fan, have grease build up.

Big O Bagels (Galveston): 79 — Operator cracked raw shell eggs with gloved hands, then handled container of cooked meat and made breakfast sandwich without removing gloves or washing hands. Black forest ham, sliced tomatoes, slices of cheese were holding at 60-65 degrees in middle sandwich prep table. Operator was aware that sandwich prep table was holding at 60-65 degrees but placed potentially hazardous foods in refrigerators this morning, stating that the temperature dial was hard to adjust to the right temperature. Spray bottles containing clear liquid under three-compartment sink were not labeled.

The Shepherd’s House: 83— Package of raw brats in salad bowl with fresh vegetables. Opened water bottles in kitchen. Large, covered pot of soup in reach-in cooler at 130 degrees. Low-fat organic milk container with manufacture date of July 29 (inspection on Sept. 11) has not been date marked. No digital probe thermometer available.

Jake’s Diner: 84 — Two flats of raw shell eggs directly on open insets of scallions, etc. Cookline reach-in cooler at 49-52 degrees, potentially hazardous foods removed to other coolers. No digital probe thermometer available. Dishmachine paper towel dispenser is empty. No thermometer in reach-in cooler. Fly strip (with dead flies) is hanging directly over cutting board.

Health inspections were conducted by the Deschutes County Public Health Department and reflect violations observed at inspection. The violations can range from general sanitation and maintenance to violations that have a direct connection to preventing foodborne illness to violations in procedures by maintenance that control the risk of foodborne illness, such as documentation, labeling, personnel training and equipment.