Highest scoring

Abby’s Legendary Pizza (Redmond): 100

Ashley’s Cafe: 100

Backporch Coffee Roasters (Century Drive): 100

Bend Elks Baseball Club: 100

Chipotle Mexican Grill: 100

Cibelli’s New York Pizza (West): 100

Croutons (Redmond): 100

Cultus Lake Resort Restaurant: 100

Emerald City Smoothie (Century Drive): 100

Five Guys Burgers and Fries: 100

Jersey Mikes (Emerson): 100

Proust Coffee: 100

Raganelli’s Take and Bake Pizza: 100

Smith Rock Coffee Roasters: 100

Sweetheart Donuts of Bend: 100

Taco Bell (NE Thirds St): 100

Taco del Mar (Redmond): 100

Tumble Inn Tavern: 100

Lowest scoring

Red Dragon Chinese Restaurant: 80 — Using scented bleach. Lettuce and open sliced turkey not dated. No thin tip probe thermometer for taking temperature of burgers, Both sinks in bar area blocked with dirty dishes. Spray bottle under sink not labeled. Soda gun with accumulation of biofilm.

Jumping Pickle Cafe: 81 — Chili and cheese sauce machines are turned off at night, allowing contents to cool to room temperature, sauces are potentially hazardous and require temperature control once opened (as per instructions on machine). Worker drinking from bottle of water in kitchen. Brie, roast beef and turkey slices are not date marked upon opening in bar reach-in cooler. Paper towel dispensers are located at three-compartment sink and other sink in main kitchen (remove paper towel dispensers as these are not handwash sinks). Knives are stored in woodblock which is difficult to clean. Upstairs handsink has plastic-ware and paper towels stored underneath.

Days Inn: 86 — The handwashing sink is leaking, this has been going on a while — there is a container below the sink trap to catch the dripping waste water. The person in charge has not demonstrated knowledge of foodborne illness disease prevention, application of HACCP principles or the requirements of this code. The kitchen sink used by staff does not have a soap dispenser provided for handwashing. Staff is using dishwashing soap in a big bottle for hand washing. The bathroom off the kitchen, used by staff does not have any hand drying provision. The base cabinets in the kitchen are bare wood, this is an absorbent surface.

Bend Golf and Country Club: 89 — Pepsi cooler holding foods between 44 and 50 degrees. Line cooler downstairs holding foods at 47 to 52 degrees. Noted foods not dated or improperly dated in walk-in and bar including whip cream, cheese and foods pulled from freezer. Handsink in downstairs area blocked with sanitizer bucket and dirty container.

5 Fusion and Sushi Bar: 90 — Walk-in cooler, multiple items at 44 degrees. Dishmachine is not dispensing chlorine sanitizer, use kitchen dishmachine until repaired. Cleaning towels in sanitizer bucket at less than 100, hold at 200 parts per million. Fan screens in walk-in cooler.

Health inspections were conducted by the Deschutes County Public Health Department and reflect violations observed at inspection. The violations can range from general sanitation and maintenance to violations that have a direct connection to preventing foodborne illness to violations in procedures by maintenance that control the risk of foodborne illness, such as documentation, labeling, personnel training and equipment.