Highest scoring

Lavender Thrift Hopes Nutri Stop: 100

St. Thomas Catholic Church: 100

South Side Pub: 100

Goody’s Chocolate Company (Sunriver): 100

Empire Car Wash: 100

Aerie Cafe: 100

Aspen Lakes Golf Course: 100

Pine Ridge Inn: 100

Backporch Coffee Roasters (Newport Avenue): 100

BJ’s Ice Cream: 100

Eurosports: 100

Bend Mountain Coffee: 100

Sisters Movie House: 100

Starbucks (Downtown): 100

Terrebonne Depot: 100

Cafe Sintra: 100

Original Pancake House (Redmond): 100

Looney Bean Bend: 100

Smith Rock Brewing Company: 100

Lowest scoring

Riverwoods Country Store: 81 — Subway undercounter backline cooler holding foods at 47 to 48 degrees, foods moved to cooler in the morning. Interior of pizza cooler with large accumulation of food debris on top and within cooler. Noted employee foods half eaten in prep area. Pizza station foods not dated. Floor drains in pizza area full of food debris, shelving in walk-in with food debris and beginning to rust.

D&D Bar and Grill: 82 — Salad dressing in reach-in cooler at 47 degrees. No chlorine sanitizer at bar dish machine. Consumer advisory is included for numerous foods that would never be undercooked including chicken, wings, nachos and club salad. Butter mop has wood handle with a cloth mop head used to spread butter, uncleanable. No longer approved, difficult to clean cold plate is used at bar. Fan screen in walk-in cooler is dirty. No air gap to prevent backflow available at prep sink.

Solomon’s: 86 — Raw eggs stored over ready-to-eat foods. Hand sink at dish pit with maximum temperature of 75 degrees. Row bar hand sinks without soap. Noted many items throughout the walk-in and freezers in vacuum sealed packages — a HACCP plan is required prior to any vacuum sealing for over 48 hours

Olde Towne Pizza Company: 86 — Reach-in cooler at pizza oven at 48 degrees. Opened bottle of water in kitchen. Ham and potato salad not date marked.

Mother’s Downtown Kitchen: 86 — Individual packets of butter on cookline counter at room temperature, cookline refrigerator drawers at 47 degrees. Open cup of coffee on cookline. Consumer advisory is not tied to the three menu items with undercooked animal meats/eggs. No soap available at front hand sink. Wood plunger for juicer is chipping wood fragments. Fan screens in walk-in cooler are dirty.

Health inspections were conducted by the Deschutes County Public Health Department and reflect violations observed at inspection. The violations can range from general sanitation and maintenance to violations that have a direct connection to preventing foodborne illness to violations in procedures by maintenance that control the risk of foodborne illness, such as documentation, labeling, personnel training and equipment.