Highest scoring

Starbucks (S. U.S. Highway 97): 100

Subway (Sisters): 100

Best Western Newberry Station: 100

Planker Sandwiches: 100

Salud Raw Foods: 100

Jake’s Diner: 100

Subway (S. U.S. Highway 97, Redmond): 100

Baskin’ Robbins (South): 100

Bend Mongolian BBQ: 100

Redpoint Climbers Supply: 100

Dutch Bros Coffee (Century Drive): 100

Starbucks (Century Drive): 100

General Duffy’s Waterhole: 100

Wendy’s (South): 100

Fix and Repeat: 100

Bend Burger Co. (NE Third Street): 100

Strictly Organic Coffee Co. (Bond Street): 100

Cibelli’s New York Pizza (Redmond): 100

Mt. Bachelor Ski Area commissary kitchen: 100

Comfort Suites (Redmond): 100

Jersey Boys Pizzeria: 100

Lowest scoring

The Dough Nut (Midtown): 78 — No date marking on ham, cut tomatoes, open containers of milk and almond milk. Date mark for cooked mushrooms read 51 days prior to inspection. Concentration of chlorine sanitizer in three-compartment sink measured more than 50 parts per million at the time of inspection. Partially consumed bottle of Gatorade on shelf with equipment stored as clean. No chlorine test strips available in establishment for use with chlorine sanitizer in three-compartment sink and wiping cloth buckets. Spray bottles that are being used for both cleaning chemicals and water (to spray on donuts) are not labeled to indicate what they contain. No detectable chlorine in wiping cloth bucket in baking area. Mop sink and floor drain by three-compartment sink had accumulation of black growth.

Mio Sushi Old Mill: 79 — Walk-in cooler holding borderline temperature of 43 degrees. Dish machine registering zero parts per million on final rinse. Noted employee in walk-in, open Powerade in reach-in and creamer stored in sushi bar area. Back hand sink blocked with large bucket.

Big O Bagels (S. U.S. Highway 97): 85 — Two% milk dated 10 days prior to inspection, whole milk and almond milk not dated, sliced meats reportioned into new containers marked with date meat was placed into new container, not original date package was opened. Butter held at room temperature for four hours (time not marked day of inspection), then placed back under time control per employees. Cream held at room temperature with no time control marked. Per employee usually used within 2 to 3 hours.

Dutch Bros Coffee (SE Third Street): 85 — No chlorine test strips. Hot water runs out — system needs to be upgraded. Must be able to maintain hot water throughout day. Dipper wells appear to lose pressure over time and drip on counter. No hot water in stand at time of inspection.

China Doll: 85 — Barbecue pork at 84 degrees, fried meat in red sauce at 112 degrees in steam well. Atmospheric vacuum breaker at mop sink faucet with hose attached to mop sink; faucet leaks when water is turned on, indicating that AVB is no longer functioning. Cold water faucet is missing. Wet wiping cloth was stored on top of trash can in dining room (not stored in wiping cloth bucket). Containers of food in reach-in cooler in hallway, canned foods in walk-in refrigerator are not covered with lid of other means to prevent contamination. Shield in walk-in refrigeration had accumulation of grease and dust. Accumulation of black substance on floor under back hand-washing sink.

Health inspections were conducted by the Deschutes County Public Health Department and reflect violations observed at inspection. The violations can range from general sanitation and maintenance to violations that have a direct connection to preventing foodborne illness to violations in procedures by maintenance that control the risk of foodborne illness, such as documentation, labeling, personnel training and equipment.