By Jay Bobbin


Q: Since “Mad Men” ended, I’m always looking to see what Jon Hamm will be doing next. What does he have coming up?

— Rachel Fitzgerald, Buffalo, New York

A: The Emmy winner has completed a couple of movies due out this year. “The Report” is a drama about the CIA’s interrogation of suspects in the 9/11 attacks, and “Lucy in the Sky” casts him opposite Natalie Portman, who plays an astronaut quite troubled upon her return to Earth.

Hamm also has a very distinctive role — as Archangel Gabriel — in “Good Omens,” a forthcoming Amazon miniseries based on the novel by Neil Gajman (“American Gods”) and the late Terry Pratchett. And looking farther ahead, Hamm has been working opposite Tom Cruise in the “Top Gun” sequel that’s slated for release in the summer of 2020.

Q: I see that an actress named Odessa Adlon is on the new show “Fam.” Is she related to Pamela Adlon of “Better Things”?

— Anne Valley, via email

A: Odessa is one of Pamela’s three daughters, and like sibling Gideon, she has appeared on Mom’s FX series. Her other acting credits have included “Nashville” and the streaming series “Love” — and, not surprisingly, “Fam” star Nina Dobrev confirmed for us that Pamela has made visits to that CBS show’s set to watch her offspring in action on filming nights.

Q: Why have we never seen reruns of the WB-produced detective shows “77 Sunset Strip,” “Hawaiian Eye” and “Surfside Six”?

— Dave Pickard, Montrose, Colorado

A: What? No “Bourbon Street Beat” (to add the one that’s missing from this group)? The answer is that you evidently haven’t been watching the right channels, at least in the case of one of the shows. “77 Sunset Strip” — featuring Edd Byrnes as famous hair-comber Kookie — has been an attraction on a couple of nostalgia-themed networks lately.

Me-TV has been running it weekdays in the very early morning hours, and Decades offered a two-day weekend marathon of the show — which also starred Efrem Zimbalist Jr. and Roger Smith — at the end of January.

Though the other series you mention haven’t gotten the same sort of revival, characters from them can be seen in “77 Sunset Strip” crossover episodes … and after “Bourbon Street Beat” ended, that show’s Richard Long fully relocated to “77 Sunset Strip” for a while.

Q: What can you tell me about a superhero show called “Mr. Terrific”?

— John Bishop, Niles, Ohio

A: The short-lived 1967 CBS show actually was more of a superhero spoof, something of a precursor to “The Greatest American Hero.” Stephen Strimpell played a meek gas-station owner who turned into a powerful, flying crusader thanks to a pill that lasted an hour in giving him special abilities.

Dick Gautier (“Get Smart”) and veteran character actor John McGiver also were among the regular cast members. Interestingly, the same year “Mr. Terrific” aired, Strimpell and McGiver both appeared in the Dick Van Dyke movie comedy “Fitzwilly.”

Q: Will “The Bold Type” be back?

— Kristin Shaw, via email

A: It certainly will. After the successful first season of the Freeform drama, it was picked up for two more years at once, and the third season began production just as the second one was starting to be shown last year.

It’s still a bit early to have an exact fix on its next premiere date … but as with the first two rounds, you can expect new adventures of the friends and magazine co-workers played by Katie Stevens, Meghann Fahy and Aisha Dee to show up this summer.

Q: Is it true that Frank Sinatra was once on “Magnum, p.i.”?

— Todd Green, Jupiter, Florida

A: It is. The show-business legend actually had his last acting role on the Tom Selleck show in its next-to-last season, playing a retired New York policeman seeking revenge against his granddaughter’s killers. Sinatra reportedly was going to reprise the role during the series’ final year on CBS, but scheduling changes ultimately prevented that from happening.

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