By Jay Bobbin


Q: I’ve been enjoying “I Feel Bad.” How is it doing in the ratings?

— Jim Moore, via email

A: We feel bad (come on, now, we had to) about presenting the related information, but you’ve probably seen the last of the Sarayu Blue-starring, Amy Poehler-produced NBC comedy. We say “probably” because the network hasn’t officially canceled it, but it also hasn’t ordered any additional episodes, typically a sign that a show is all but done.

“I Feel Bad” wrapped up its initial order with the telecast of two episodes back-to-back just after Christmas, and unless some sort of holiday miracle we don’t know about was granted to the program, it’s extremely likely that it won’t appear again.

Q: Could you tell me if “Scorpion” was canceled, or is it returning?

— Judi Todisco, Kingman, Arizona

A: The CBS adventure about troubleshooting geniuses ended its four-season run last year, but all of the episodes are available in a “Complete Series” DVD collection that was released in November.

The end of the series turned out to be of benefit to co-star Katharine McPhee, who made her Broadway debut in “Waitress.” Because she no longer was committed to “Scorpion,” she was able to extend her run in the musical, and she is slated to reprise her performance very soon in the show’s London staging.

Q: I’ve noticed that Ina Garten’s husband hasn’t appeared with her in recent episodes. Did they get divorced, or is there any particular reason?

— Ilean Gurhartz, West Palm Beach, Florida

A: Quite the contrary, in terms of what you suggest regarding the “Barefoot Contessa” star’s marital status. She and husband (and Yale University Dean Emeritus and teacher) Jeffrey marked their 50th wedding anniversary in December, and they partially spent it in Paris.

There may not be any concrete reason he hasn’t shown up on television with her as much lately, but since there evidently isn’t any trouble in their paradise, we have a strong suspicion his home-screen absence won’t last forever.

Q: Someone told me Naomi Watts did a TV series. If so, what was it, and when was it on?

— Tom Quade, via email

A: The actress had done some television work in her native Australia, perhaps most notably in the serial “Home and Away,” before she came to America for a starring role in the 1997-98 NBC show “Sleepwalkers.” Though it didn’t last long, it put her in a position to be noticed by director David Lynch when he was casting his movie “Mulholland Drive,” and her career really took off from there.

Very possibly as a sign of her gratitude to him, Watts took a role in his 2017 Showtime revival of “Twin Peaks.” She also starred in that year’s Netflix series “Gypsy,” of which she was an executive producer as well.

More TV work lies ahead for her, since she has been cast as former newscaster Gretchen Carlson in Showtime’s forthcoming series about Fox News and its founder Roger Ailes, and she also has signed to star in a proposed HBO prequel to “Game of Thrones.”

Q: With the Oscars coming up again, I’ve been seeing references to Rob Lowe dancing with Snow White on one of those shows. Did that actually happen?

— Samantha Robbins, Leesburg, Florida

A: At the end of a rather lengthy musical segment at the 1989 event, featuring actress Eileen Bowman as the legendary fairy-tale character, Lowe teamed with her to perform “Proud Mary.” No, we are not kidding … nor were the many people both in and out of the movie industry who immediately denounced the sequence and Allan Carr (“Grease”), the producer of that year’s Academy Awards show, for the decision. And since social media did not exist at the time, consider just how loud that outcry must have been for it to be heard so far and wide.

Lowe has displayed lots of self-effacing humor about the occasion in the years since, but the Disney studio wasn’t very amused at the time, since it filed a lawsuit against the Motion Picture Academy over the unauthorized use of the Snow White image it had copyrighted. (The suit was dropped after the Academy made a public apology.)