Highest scoring

The Cottonwood Cafe: 100

Duda’s Billiards Bar: 100

The Salvation Army: 100

Bistro 28 A Neighborhood Kitchen: 100

Rancho Viejo: 100

Niblick and Greens: 100

The Porch: 100

Mt. Bachelor Ski and Sport Pinnacles: 100

The Pickled Pig: 100

The Family Kitchen: 100

Jericho Table: 100

Volcanic Theatre Pub: 100

Lowest scoring

Kayos Dinner House: 49 — Pan of raw fish was stored on shelf above sliced, cooked sausage in reach-in cooler, pan of raw chicken was stored above pan of raw hamburgers in cold holding drawers. Mashed potatoes in steam well had internal food temperature of 116 degrees. No detectable chlorine in final rinse of low-temperature dish machine. Spray nozzle at pre-cleaning station stacked with dirty dishes was hanging below flood rim of drainboard. An air gap is not provided between the water supply inlet and the flood level rim of the plumbing fixture or equipment. Tub of seafood was thawing in directly connected dish/prep sink. Employees using dish sink to wash hands. Shellstock tags from approximately one month before inspection were not marked with discard/out date. Baked potatoes at 60 degrees, mashed potatoes at 55 degrees on shelf to left of walk-in refrigerator door (held at ambient) and baked chicken at 62 degrees on speed rack (held at ambient); operator stated that potatoes had been removed from oven approximately four hours prior. Operator stated that baked chicken had just been removed from oven. The following foods did not have date marking: multiple pans of cooked shrimp of different sizes, cooked sausage, cooked orzo, cooked chicken, sliced tomatoes, spring mix, custard-type desserts. Several foods had incorrect date marking. Cutting board was stored in hand-washing sink in bar.

Tim Garling’s Jackalope Grill: 75 — Raw shell eggs are stored over tomatoes in walk-in cooler. Butter mix at 53 degrees on top shelf of reach-in insets. Shellfish tags are not dated with last sale and then stored chronologically. Bar handsink has olive container in basin along with other containers which must be moved before washing. No paper towels available at kitchen hand-sink auto dispenser. Food grade brush has twine wrapped on handle making it difficult to clean. Wood spoon in dish machine. No thermometer in wait station reach-in cooler. Kitchen hand-sink faucet handles are dirty.

Los Tres Caballos: 79 — Shell eggs are stored above enchilada sauce in fridge. Pot of cooked rice is not being reheated properly; temperature is 125 degrees and has been there over an hour, heat on low, rice was cooked day before inspection. Bar sink has no hot water. One kitchen hand sink has limited pressure — hot water is just a drip. No test kit on premises for chlorine sanitizer. Knives put back on wall magnet are dirty. Interior of ice machine has slimy mold-like build up. Prep fridge on cook line is dirty

Brickhouse Bend: 86 — First reach-in cooler on cook line is holding foods at 48-50 degrees. Shellfish tags are not dated when last shellfish is sold. No hot water available at kitchen hand sink. Twelve-quart container is taped together; difficult to clean. Thermometer in first cook line reach-in was accessed by employee on hands/knees.

Mt. Bachelor Cocoas/West Village: 87 — Raw sausage and bacon over pre-cooked chicken and cheese sauce. Pizza cooler holding temps of 50 degrees on top — food in hot box at 80 degrees behind salad station on main line. Salad cooler not turned on (probably will not hold temps with salads stacked in unit). Corner bar did not have hand soap. Some areas of floor are beginning to deteriorate — grout between tiles is degraded in dish pit area.

The Outfitter: 87 — Sanitizer on bar dish machine reading zero parts per million chlorine. Slicer dirty to touch, cutting board dirty in areas around fastening screws and fry cutter with food debris. Cream, whip cream and egg whites not date marked in bar. Ice machine and soda gun with build up of biofilm

Peng’s Hunan Chinese Restaurant: 87 — Raw eggs stored over bean sprouts in walk-in. Observed large tubs of many pre-cooked meats out on shelves on line — temperature of foods ranged between 42 degrees and 45 degrees — observed open containers of water chestnuts on counter at 45 degrees — observed soup on flat top not turned on at 95 degrees per person in charge, the soup had been made less than one hour prior to inspection. Main hand-wash sink in kitchen stocked with toilet paper for hand drying. Utensils held in water at 55 degrees. Sets of shelves near line with accumulation of soil, buildup of dust walk-in fan and buildup of food debris on walk-in shelving.

Red Dragon Chinese Restaurant: 87 — Large tubs of raw chicken held over beef and pork. Ajax stored over dish station and dish detergent stored over dry goods. Wonton filling and open cream in bar area not dated. Many items in facility stored without lid or covering especially in walk-in freezer. Reusing number 10 cans for food storage in freezer.

Health inspections were conducted by the Deschutes County Public Health Department and reflect violations observed at inspection. The violations can range from general sanitation and maintenance to violations that have a direct connection to preventing foodborne illness to violations in procedures by maintenance that control the risk of foodborne illness, such as documentation, labeling, personnel training and equipment.