By Jay Bobbin


Q: I miss “Ellen’s Game of Games.” Will it be back?

— Donna Sprague, Temple, Pennsylvania

A: Yes, and quite soon. A special holiday edition of the NBC show airs this Wednesday, then the program officially returns for a new season on Tuesdays starting Jan. 8.

Having spoken with Ellen DeGeneres recently, we can confirm that she’s ready to go with the new round, which will incorporate some new games as players again try to keep themselves from dropping out of the competition  …  literally.

Q: Is it true that the actor who played Steven has left “Dynasty”?

— Anne Conovan, via email

A: It is, at least in terms of his being a series regular. James MacKay was written out of the CW reboot of the serial, with the drama’s plot line explaining that Steven was going to Paraguay to concentrate on the efforts of his foundation. However, a deal was made for MacKay to appear in “multiple episodes” during the current second season of the new “Dynasty,” so it’s possible that he could resurface.

Q: I like seeing Jeremy Sisto back on TV in “FBI,” and I know he worked with producer Dick Wolf before on “Law & Order.” How long was he on that show?

— Bob Raines, Bend

A: Sisto was one of the actors who finished out the famously long run of that NBC series, playing Detective Cyrus Lupo in its final two seasons (2008-10).

He was teamed with Anthony Anderson, who had gone for an image change then by switching from comedy to drama  …  and, of course, he has returned to comedy quite successfully since by starring in ABC’s “blackish.”

Before signing up for CBS’ “FBI,” Sisto made his own stab at series comedy in ABC’s “Suburgatory,” but he then returned to drama in the shows “The Returned,” “Wicked City” and “Ice.” With the solid ratings “FBI” has been scoring since its September premiere, it seems he’ll be working for Wolf again for some time.

Q: Will “It’s a Wonderful Life” be on for Christmas Eve again?

— Jane Stevens, Leesburg, Florida

A: That’s one television tradition that appears destined to continue for as long as television exists. NBC again will give the 1946 movie classic its seasonal airing Monday, Dec. 24  …  and though the network used to give it two airings per holiday season, it’s down to one now. (However, another NBC Universal-owned outlet — USA Network — also will run it Friday, Dec. 14, after giving it a couple of earlier showings this season.)

Many people will remember a time when the James Stewart-starring, Frank Capra-directed holiday staple was available just about every hour on the hour on various stations on Chrstmas Eve. Then, it was in the public domain, meaning that anyone could show it without having to pay for the rights to do so.

Eventually, Republic Pictures bought the rights to various elements (including the short story the movie was based on), making that studio the owner of the film and giving it the ability to sell NBC the exclusive rights to show it.

Q: Will Lady Gaga ever do a “Carpool Karaoke” with James Corden?

— Steve Benson, Buffalo, New York

A: Actually, she already has. She appeared in the popular feature of CBS’ “The Late Late Show With James Corden” in October 2016, and the two of them packed a lot of her hits into their road trip together  …  including “Poker Face,” “Bad Romance,” “Born This Way” and “The Edge of Glory.” The segment still can be found on YouTube.

Q: Kellie Pickler and Ben Aaron seem to get along so well on their talk show, I have to ask if they’re married.

— Connie Tucker, via email

A: Well, they are, but not to each other. Aaron has an extremely well-known wife  …  Ginger Zee, ABC News’ chief meteorologist and “Good Morning America” regular, with whom he did a DIY home-renovation series. Pickler is married to singer-songwriter-musician Kyle Jacobs, who was featured on her Country Music Television reality show “I Love Kellie Pickler.”

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