Deschutes County restaurant inspections

Highest scoring

Trattoria Sbandati: 100

Sassy’s Cafe: 100

Bom Dia Cafe: 100

97 Cafe: 100

Taco del Mar (Redmond): 100

Shari’s #163 (South): 100

SpringHill Suites by Marriott: 100

Smith Rock Coffee Roasters: 100

Tin Pan Theater: 100

The Greens at Redmond: 100

Checkers Pub: 100

Subway Sandwiches (Bend South): 100

Cuppa Yo Frozen Yogurt (East): 100

Velvet Bend: 100

Bethlehem Inn: 100

Tetherow Cafe: 100

Bend Elks Baseball Club: 100

Susan’s Table at Prep Kitchen: 100

Del Taco #784 (Third St.): 100

Portello Wine Cafe: 100

Cuban Kitchen: 100

Raganelli’s Take and Bake Pizza: 100

Sun Mountain Fun Center: 100

Lowest scoring

Pine Tavern Restaurant and Bar: 76 — Large cookline reach-in cooler holding at 46-48 degrees, walk-in cooler 46 degrees, pantry 46 degrees. French onion soup date marked two weeks before inspection in walk-in cooler. Frozen fish in freezer in reduced-oxygen packaging without approved plan. No date tag available for clams in walk-in cooler. Dish room hand sink has 4-foot hose attached and is not usable. No soap available at wine/prep room hand sink or dish room hand sink. Cookline spatulas are stored in dirty water. Cloth napkins used to cover clams. Difficult to clean (no longer approved) cold plate in bar service ice. Basement freezer is leaking water onto floor with large stalactite inside unit on food. Scone press in pantry is held together with tape and uncleanable. Ice scoop in holding bucket is dirty.

Baldy’s BBQ (U.S. Highway 20): 80 — Ribs in hot box at 97 degrees, operator stated that ribs had been taken from walk-in and placed in hot box that morning. Ham, beef and burgers at 50-66 degrees in lo-boy holding drawers (external thermometer reading was 38 degrees). Gravy in walk-in refrigerator with prep date two-and-a-half weeks prior.

Los Tres Caballos: 81 — Observed raw meat in sealed packages in mop sink in kitchen. Sanitizer bucket for wiping cloths and sanitizing surfaces only being changed every other day. No sanitizer in bucket. Observed large open drink container in kitchen. No consumer advisory observed — steak dishes and eggs cooked to order.

The Blacksmith Restaurant: 82 — Dessert reach-in cooler is holding at 48 degrees. Various floral arrangements stored in walk-in cooler. Dessert reach-in cooler thermometer is broken.

Cascade Lakes Lodge: 82 — Mashed potatoes and green sauce in hot holding equipment for approximately three hours at 110 degrees. Left side line cooler holding items 50 degrees on top. Lettuce cooler holding romaine at 44 degrees for approximately two hours. Salad cooler holding inconsistent temperatures some items 39 degrees others 46 degrees. No detectable chlorine on main dish machine. Hand sink near prep sink blocked by thawing fish. Areas around hand sink, both in the sink and around air vents with soil buildup.

Lost Tracks Golf Club: 82 — Raw bacon over ready-to-eat foods in three locations. Pepsi cooler holding milk at 56 degrees, other non-potentially hazardous foods at similar temperatures; discarded all potentially hazardous foods including milk and Bloody Mary mix. Dishmachine is not connected to chlorine. Hand sink near taps was blocked with dirty dishes.

Health inspections were conducted by the Deschutes County Public Health Department and reflect violations observed at the time of inspection. The violations can range from general sanitation and maintenance to violations that have a direct connection to preventing foodborne illness to violations in procedures by maintenance that control the risk of foodborne illness, such as documentation, labeling, personnel training and equipment.