Deschutes County restaurant inspections

Highest scoring

Carl’s Junior No. 7754 (NE Third Street): 100

Bend’s Community Center: 100

Depot Cafe: 100

Super 8 (Bend): 100

Eurosports: 100

Navigator News: 100

Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwich Shop: 100

Subway Sandwiches (South): 100

Subway Sandwiches (Fir Avenue-Redmond): 100

Polar Bean Coffee Cottage: 100

Zeppa: 100

Willow Camp Catering: 100

Tnt Mfg: 100

The Human Bean: 100

Ashley’s Cafe South: 100

Eagle Crest – Ridge Golf Shop: 100

Eagle Crest – Resort Course Golf Club: 100

Aerie Cafe: 100

Seven Restaurant and Nightclub: 100

Lowest scoring

Mio Sushi Old Mill: 73 — Ice in ice bath not up to the level of the product and melted. Dish machine not registering any chlorine chemical sanitizer solution in rinse cycle. No person in charge on site at the time of inspection. Open container noted in dish pit over clean dishes. No written procedure and rice not marked. Scallops and raw beef thawing at room temperature.

South Bend Bistro: 76 — Butter and Parmesan cheese held at room temperature. Many tomato-based items and other items in walk-in and reach-in past date marked. Mop water dumped on ground. Wild mushrooms noted in walk-in — no records. Some items including cured meats, cream and others not date marked. Missing asterisks on menu. Dust build-up on walk-in fans and other shelves and areas in need of cleaning. Need door sweep on walk-in used as dry storage.

Broken Top Bottle Shop and Cafe: 76 — Expired pinto beans, shredded cabbage and salami in the fridge (food thrown out). No chlorine dispensed at bar dish machine. (Ecolab repaired during inspection). Can of WD40 and remover stored over food prep table (bottles removed). No test strips for ammonia available (provided during inspection by Ecolab). Back hand sink does not have hot water (61 degrees Fahrenheit). Male and female main restrooms have hot water. Paper towels are not available at exterior barbecue (paper towels provided). A covered receptacle is not provided in female restroom.

Brewed Awakenings: 82 — Observed employee preparing drinks, rinsing blenders and handling payment without washing hands. Observed open, partially full containers of hemp milk, soy milk, coconut milk, rice milk, chai tea and almond milk located by milk steamer, holding at 63-64 degrees Fahrenheit. Observed employee described ware-washing process as double-washing in soapy water and rinsing at end of day. Employee was not aware of where sanitizer was located or how to use sanitizer. Observed employee rinsing blenders and measuring cups to clean them. Observed blender and scoop stored in hand-washing sink. Observed employee dumping liquids into hand-washing sink. Observed tubes of make-up stored in restroom hand-washing sink. Observed no sanitizer bucket for wiping cloths or sanitizer spray was available for use in sanitizing surfaces during time of food preparation.

Health inspections were conducted by the Deschutes County Public Health Department and reflect violations observed at the time of inspection. The violations can range from general sanitation and maintenance to violations that have a direct connection to preventing foodborne illness to violations in procedures by maintenance that control the risk of foodborne illness, such as documentation, labeling, personnel training and equipment. After inspections, food vendors were allowed to correct violations to improve scores prior to a follow-up inspection.

You can find restaurant and mobile food cart inspections at Deschutes County’s website.