By Jay Bobbin


Q: Will “The Bold Type” be back?

— Stacy Hart, Buffalo, New York

A: It certainly will, and in a big way. With the attention it got during the past summer, and the perfect fit that it is for Freeform’s audience demographic, there really wasn’t a doubt that the magazine drama would be renewed. What wasn’t expected was that it would be picked up for two more seasons at once, so you can look forward to seeing the continuing exploits of the close friends played by Katie Stevens, Aisha Dee and Meghann Fahy for at least two more years — likely in the summer again.

Q: I know Daniel Dae Kim is a producer of the new show “The Good Doctor.” Will he ever be an actor on it?

— Jane McNally, via email

A: It’s certainly a possibility, though he seems to be concentrating on the production side for the time being. The ABC show is the former “Hawaii Five-0” and “Lost” co-star’s first such venture, so it’s fair to say that he’s learning by doing ... and as virtually any producer will tell you, there’s a lot to learn.

However, he hasn’t given up acting — he has a prominent role in a forthcoming “Hellboy” movie remake — so if he sees a “Good Doctor” role that tickles his fancy, he could be prompted to step before the cameras on the show. It’s a safe bet he wouldn’t have to audition.

Q: What happened to “The Wall”?

— Jim Patty, Grand Junction, Colorado

A: At this writing, NBC hadn’t yet announced its future plans for the game show executive-produced by LeBron James and host Chris Hardwick. Technically, it’s had two seasons already, having premiered last winter and then being brought back for the spring and summer.

A definite sign in its favor is that many other countries have signed up for their own versions of the series since its debut, with France, Germany and Spain among other nations that already have launched theirs ... and Colombia, Hungary and Thailand set to debut theirs in the new year. When a format travels globally that fast, it’s definitely something the originating network takes a look at.

Q: I’ve seen Mariska Hargitay listed as the director on several episodes of her show “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.” Has she directed anything else?

— Tom Curtis, Providence, Rhode Island

A: Not at this point, but it’s reasonable to think that’s coming ... though with all of her work on the NBC series (she’s an executive producer of it as well), that probably will have to wait until the show is over, whenever that may be. It takes a lot of preparation to direct something, and while Hargitay has the benefit of being as familiar with “SVU” as anyone, tackling something else from scratch would be a different story in many more ways than one.

Hargitay also is a director in another sense, since she’s the founder and president of the Joyful Heart Foundation, an organization that supports victims of sexual assault, domestic violence and child abuse. She’s said she was prompted to create it by mail she received from “SVU” viewers, telling her of their own experiences. You may have seen televised public service announcements for the Foundation for which Hargitay enlisted many of her celebrity friends, including former “SVU” co-star Christopher Meloni.

Q: Why did Lea Michele decide to do a show without music, like “The Mayor”?

— Beth Starr, via email

A: Though it’s not as pronounced in that way as “Glee” certainly was, the new ABC comedy does have something of a musical background. Brandon Micheal Hall’s title character is a rapper who ran for office as a lark, and one of the show’s executive producers is Broadway “Hamilton” alum Daveed Diggs.

As with her preceding series, “Scream Queens,” you can expect that “The Mayor” will let Michele cut loose with her crooning from time to time. (Frankly, you don’t hire Lea Michele and not let that happen.) However, she’s said that with the relatively high-pitched — pun partially intended — characters she played in her past two series, she welcomes the chance to play what she deems a “more grounded” part now.

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