John Hammarley, feature reporter for BendBroadband’s Zolo Media, won his fifth career Emmy Award at the 51st-annual ceremony of the Northwest Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences in Seattle on June 7.

Hammarley contributes each weekday to “myWindow,” a Central Oregon lifestyle show airing on local CBS and ABC stations. His story about a Bend-area young man’s quest to help less fortunate kids won the nod over five other nominations from Northwest reporters in the category.

Hammarley noted his story about Devin DeLuca’s mission to help homeless and at-risk kids was special.

“Devin DeLuca was a great kid. Despite a privileged upbringing, his heart connected with his less fortunate peers early on, starting at the age of 5,” Hammarley said.

Following Devin DeLuca’s death, his family established a foundation called Devin’s Destiny to carry on his work for homeless and disadvantaged kids. The project provides birthday parties and gifts (anonymously) to homeless and at-risk youth in Central Oregon.