The Bulletin is launching a community advisory board to try to bring more voices into the discussion of Central Oregon issues by The Bulletin’s editorial board.

Who are we looking for?

You would be a good candidate if you keep up on the news and would like to get further involved in discussions about community issues. We are looking for people who are not pushing a particular agenda, but everyone does have issues they are concerned about. And if you have special knowledge about a particular subject, that could be very helpful. We are also looking for people who are not current elected officials.

What would it involve?

We will meet once a month for less than an hour. We will usually try to schedule a visit with a speaker or speakers on an issue of community concern. It would be an advisory group to the editorial board of three to five members. You would help us ask questions and seek insights from perspectives that might be different from our own. We are looking for people who can make a commitment of six months.

Does this mean I get to decide the position of the editorial board or write editorials?

No. It gives you the opportunity to influence editorial opinions and help shape a community discussion. The Bulletin’s editorial board members have the final say on The Bulletin’s editorials. You would be given a platform to write guest columns, though, with the benefit of many of the same discussions that form Bulletin opinions.

What sort of issues might be discussed?

Parking. Land use and infill. Cars/biking/transit priorities. Mirror Pond. Downtown festivals. A new footbridge over the Deschutes south of Bend. E-scooters downtown. Wilderness fees. The list goes on. You will be able to suggest topics, too.

Is it paid?

No. This is a volunteer position.

When would it meet?

It would meet once a month. We will try to set a time based on what works best for most people.

How do I sign up?

Please send an email to . Tell us who you are and why you would like to participate. Please describe, in general, your political leanings and involvement, because we are looking for a well-balanced board. You don’t need to include a résumé, but that could be helpful to us.