What: The Jess Ryan Band, with Cosmonautical, Guardian of the Underdog

When: 8 p.m. Friday

Where: Volcanic Theatre Pub, 70 SW Century Drive, Bend

Cost: $8 plus fees in advance, $10 at the door

Contact: volcanictheatre.com or 541-323-1881

Jess Ryan is ready to prove her older brother — and anyone else who doubted her before — wrong.

During a recent interview with GO! Magazine to promote her eponymous band’s first studio album, which will be released at a show at Volcanic Theater Pub on Friday, the Bend singer-songwriter recalled a story from when she was in third grade.

“I was like, ‘One day, I’ll put out an album,’ and (my brother’s) like, ‘You can’t just put out an album,’” Ryan said. “I cannot wait — I have waited so long for this moment to be like, man …”

The 10 songs on “Fractured” represent not just a culmination of the three years The Jess Ryan Band has been together, but a way-point in a decade-plus-long journey that has taken Ryan from her home state of California, across the Western United States and finally to Bend five years ago. The songs, ranging from slow-burning psych-soul numbers such as “Mesmerized” and “Fool’s Gold” to snappy, snarky rockers including “These Boots,” tell deeply personal stories.

Take the aforementioned “Fool’s Gold,” which was inspired by something an ex-boyfriend said to Ryan after they had broken up. In the midst of rattling off reasons why he was glad they weren’t together anymore, he brought up a massive mix of songs he was making.

“He’s like, ‘Check out these CDs that I burned; I made this huge anthology of songs, and the underlying theme of all these songs is gold,’” Ryan said. “And so James (Hutchens, lead guitarist) sends me this song and he’s like, ‘Hey, I wrote this song; check it out.’ And I remember exactly where I was when I first listened to it: I was at the beach in Coos Bay, and I thought about my ex-boyfriend and his gold anthology, and I was like, you know what? I got some gold for you.”

The rest of the album follows suit, with songs tackling failed relationships, standing up to leering men (“This Here,” which Ryan described as “to every pig dude out there, it’s like, hey, I’m not here for you; I’m not your play toy; I’m not your spectacle”) and adversity in general.

As bassist Joshua Hernandez put it: “She accidentally wrote an album about traveling through the country and … hating yourself.”

“It’s not like we were like, ‘All right, we’re gonna make a concept album,’” Ryan said. “These songs — some of them I wrote before I even started playing with any of these guys. Like ‘In Vain’ was before even (lead guitarist) James (Hutchens) and I got together, but thank God I got with him because then ‘Numb’ came out right after that and it was the same kind of feeling. I needed to write more songs and James really brought his flavor, and then these guys stepped in and just took it to a whole other level.”

Ryan, originally from California, started writing songs around 2008 before she picked up a guitar. For a while, she played with a short-lived band called The Jessica Ryan Experience.

But that didn’t last, and soon Ryan hit the road. After a two-year stint in Montana, during which time she stopped playing guitar and writing almost entirely, she arrived in Bend ready to perform again.

“I was two years off music and just nonstop playing as soon as I moved here, because I was so brokenhearted and almost pretty much homeless,” she said. “I didn’t have any friends, didn’t know anyone or what I was doing; I didn’t have a job. … So I was just like, my guitar, that’s all I had. I remember just driving around finding the places in Bend, just me and my guitar.”

She became a regular at open mic nights around Bend, including M&J Tavern and the Astro Lounge, where she met lead guitarist and songwriting partner James Hutchens about four years ago.

“I remember exactly when he came up; he’s like, ‘Hey, can I play this song with you?’” Ryan said. “And it was this song called ‘Skeleton,’ and we don’t even play it anymore.”

The Jess Ryan Band has quite a few of those, actually. Songs have come and gone in the three years the group — also featuring drummer Patrick Bedard and saxophonist Andrew Lyons — has worked toward recording “Fractured.”

“We’ve always wanted to record for the sake of capturing what we do and who we are,” Ryan said. “However, it took a long time for all the pieces to fall in place. Once Patrick came along and Andrew came along, then it was like, oh man, we are solid; now we have to take the steps necessary to acquire the funds and continue to refine (them).”

Following a Gofundme project, the group entered Featherlight Recording Studio in Bend with producer/engineer Steven Hartwell (who also plays organ on ‘Fool’s Gold’) in early March. Sessions continued off-and-on through August.

“When we started recording I had dislocated my knee,” Ryan said. “I was literally walking on crutches.”

Once the album releases, Ryan and the band plan to start pushing out beyond Central Oregon with weekend tours. Ryan cited Portland, Eugene, Seattle and Boise as spots she hopes to play in the near future.

Most recently, the quintet played the first High Desert Underground Music Festival, a local-centric event also at Volcanic that showcased 14 Central Oregon bands. The group’s psychedelic soul grooves, punctuated by Ryan’s emotional performance, got a huge reaction from an already excited crowd.

“When Jess writes a song and sings it, she somehow manages to transport herself back to the way that she was feeling at the time when she wrote it,” Lyons said. “And she can play a song that was written at the end of that breakup when she first arrived in Bend five years ago as if they broke up yesterday and that feeling is still in there.”