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McLeod-Skinner’s jobs

Reading Jamie McLeod-Skinner’s educational background and government experience makes one wonder why she has not pursued one of her areas of study as a career. And no mention of why she left a position with the city of Phoenix, Oregon.

Her wife’s family, the Skinners of southeast Oregon, are solidly supporters of Greg Walden and display signs representing that.

Another observation: When Greg Walden was twiddling his thumbs at the end of their debate, I thought, “I guess he is tired of hearing her constant negativism with you voted against that and didn’t support that, etc. …”

Finally, all of the above makes me question this latest bunny hop to another “occupation.”

Tom Gibbons


Walden gets things done

The Bulletin says Jamie McLeod-Skinner has traveled more than 40,000 miles in her campaign to unseat Greg Walden. Good for her! I’m sure Rep. Walden would be happy to spend that much time campaigning if it weren’t for the pesky little fact that he has a job to do.

Walden is criticized for not holding enough town hall meetings. Who can blame him? What is the point of town halls when they’re turned into fiascoes by the resistance and the left? It’s disgusting! What has happened to civil discourse and courtesy? No one treats Sen. Wyden like that.

Walden’s opposition is running vicious attack ads calling him names such as turncoat and accusing him of being AWOL. Walden’s ads, on the other hand, are positive and tout his many accomplishments on behalf of Oregonians. According to the Central Oregonian, Walden helped craft and advance nearly 60 opioid-related bills. He passed legislation to manage our forests and prevent forest fires. A list of Greg Walden’s legislation is too extensive to list here. Suffice to say he has done incredible work for veterans, health care, tax relief, fought to end human trafficking and protect victims, education reforms and the list goes on.

Greg Walden has a proven record as a man of the highest integrity. I hope you will join me in his re-election.

Dianne Brock


Vote McLeod-Skinner

Greg Walden must go. Our family had long been Republican. My wife’s late uncle, in fact, was the head of the Republican Party in Oregon. As the GOP, the “party of traditional family values,” became increasingly deranged, we left it. Our local iteration of that derangement is Congressman Walden, a supine abettor of the abomination who occupies the White House and who has caused incalculable damage to our country. Walden is not in the mold of such Oregon politicians as Wayne Morse, Mark Hatfield, Tom McCall or Wendell Wyatt, who had integrity. He must go.

Dr. Gary Leiser


Vote for Kiely

Perhaps The Bulletin did not take time to actually review Eileen Kiely’s background when describing her as a Sunriver resident and ski instructor in its editorial favoring her opponent for Oregon House District 53. While the description is not wrong, it is woefully incomplete and does an injustice to Bulletin readers.

Eileen Kiely served as the controller for a major U.S. industry, Daimler Trucks, where she was responsible for overseeing the management and allocation of millions of dollars annually. She understands money and taxes and PERS. She holds a master’s in business administration. Her values are consistent with Oregon values so she is concerned about a vibrant economy with well-paying jobs, affordable health care, a healthy economy and top-rate public education for all children.

Eileen is a problem-solver. On taxes she points out that 85 percent of Oregon taxes come from individual and small businesses. She is confident that we can examine the tax structure and come up with a fairer way to pay for the services and infrastructure that we depend on. Corporations can be asked to contribute their fair share, which is certainly beyond the 15 percent they currently contribute to the budget of the state of Oregon.

District 53 residents have the opportunity to send an energetic and fresh thinker and doer to Salem. Vote for Eileen Kiely.

Owen Mitz