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Walden didn’t do enough

If you are a veteran and are not sure who you are going to vote for this year for the 2nd Congressional District to represent us in Washington, D.C., or you are a vet who voted for Greg Walden in the past, I have some very disturbing news for you. If you are not married to your wife for a year or more when you die, she gets zero, and Greg Walden has known about this issue for over 10 years and has done nothing to rectify the situation. Furthermore if you served in Southeast Asia and are missing part or all of your Military Service Records, he’s known about that for at least 10 years. My husband and I lived together for 14 years before we got married after he learned he had cancer and unless something radical happens like a court win or legislative intervention, widows like myself get zero from the VA and we fought for our spouses’ benefits equally as hard as they fought for freedom. In November, send a clear message to Greg: “Sorry but we’ve had enough.” Vote for Jamie McLeod-Skinner; she knows about this problem and is willing to work on getting it corrected.

Jamie cares about the people of the 2nd Congressional District.

Barbara Ann Wright-Dunagan


Where is Trump?

When Patti Adair ran for county commissioner during the primaries, she touted her support for Donald Trump in her speeches and in her voter’s pamphlet statement. There were several articles in The Bulletin about her selection as a Republican convention delegate, and her attendance at Trump’s inauguration.

However, at the League of Women Voters forum Oct. 3, when asked which politicians she most admired, either local or national, Adair didn’t mention Donald Trump at all. And she completely left him out of her current voter’s pamphlet statement. Why would she avoid talking about Trump when she was his political director for Central and Eastern Oregon during the 2016 campaign, paid her way to the convention and his inauguration and specifically publicized her support of him in previous statements and interviews?

How someone chooses to vote is his or her own business. But when you’ve been an enthusiastic supporter of a politician as divisive as Donald Trump, then suddenly drop him from your messaging to voters, I have to wonder why. Voters deserve to know where candidates stand on the issues of the day and who their role models are. It gives voters insight into how a candidate thinks and what shapes his or her decision-making.

Adair’s dismissal of Trump tells me she’s willing to change her loyalties based on political expediency, or she’s still a Trump enthusiast but no longer wants voters to know that. Which is it, Patti?

Brian Lepore


Vote for McLeod-Skinner

The first few times a trusted friend or colleague breaks a promise, we tend to give that person the benefit of the doubt. We continue to trust that our friend or colleague will be there for us in the future. However, when promises are repeatedly broken and commitments forgotten, our relationship with that person becomes frayed and eventually ends.

This is how I view Rep. Greg Walden’s deceptive treatment of his constituents. Almost every vote he has cast — whether against health care programs for low-income seniors, children and disabled people, for massive tax breaks for mega-corporations and the wealthiest 1 percent, against the Stream Protection Act and clean energy research funding, for slashing funding for the EPA, against net neutrality, or for abolishing consumer protection banking regulations — has amounted to one broken promise after another for Rep. Walden’s constituents.

In the past, Rep. Walden had a broad range of support from his constituents. During the last two years that support has eroded due to Rep. Walden’s repeatedly broken promises. Rep. Walden now keeps promises to pharmaceutical, telecommunication, oil and gas companies, D.C. lobbyists and powerful billionaires.

It is time to end our relationship with Rep. Greg Walden. It is time to put our trust in Jamie McLeod-Skinner, who has traveled 40,000 miles over the last 16 months listening to the concerns of people from every nook and cranny of Oregon’s 2nd Congressional District. It is time to vote for Jamie McLeod-Skinner to represent us in Congress. She will keep her promises.

Mary Love