A Prineville man who shot and killed another man outside his home in October was justified in using deadly physical force under the circumstances, according to the Crook County District Attorney’s Office.

Larry Hoevet, 40, fatally shot Kenneth McBeth, 56, of Prineville, on Oct. 22 after an argument outside Hoevet’s home in the 900 block of NW Second Street.

A grand jury determined it was reasonable for Hoevet to believe his life was in danger at the time he fired a gun at McBeth from his home, according to the district attorney’s office. Oregon law states a person can be justified in using deadly force if another person is attempting to commit a burglary or a felony involving the use or threat of physical force.

According to witness accounts, McBeth arrived at Hoevet’s home uninvited and unannounced. He began knocking on Hoevet’s front door demanding the return of personal property. The two men — longtime acquaintances with a history of physical aggression toward each other — argued for several minutes.

McBeth then gave a final ultimatum to Hoevet to open the front door or he was coming in.

McBeth then counted to three, picked up a nearby patio chair and threw it through Hoevet’s front window. The chair and shattered glass landed in Hoevet’s living room.

Hoevet told police he feared for his life because he believed McBeth was trying to enter his home through the broken front window. Hoevet described firing two shots toward the broken window, striking McBeth in the left chest with one of the bullets.

McBeth retreated from the house to a nearby parking lot before collapsing.

Prineville Police arrived moments later to find McBeth in critical condition with several citizens trying to help him.

McBeth was pronounced dead at the scene.

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