By Hayley Tsukayama

The Washington Post

Eclipse Megamovie

The Eclipse Megamovie project wants people from all over the country to contribute their shots of the eclipse to folks at Google and the University of California at Berkeley. The project aims to mash all of these clips together into a big film about this major solar event.

The app is pretty simple, including a basic map of the country that gives users an idea about when they will see the eclipse, as well as some simple information about the stages of the eclipse. It will ask for your location.

If you are interested in participating in the project, make sure that you have the proper protection for your eyes and for your camera’s sensors before you shoot any film.

The app includes warnings about safety, but it’s worth reiterating to anyone who might use it.

Free, for iOS and Android.

‘Rock On’

How high is your musical IQ? “Rock On,” a game that asks you to identify snippets of songs as quickly as you can, is a great way to test yourself.

The game covers a wide time range of pop and rock — from Elvis Presley to Gotye — and includes several game modes to test your knowledge and reflexes. Players advance through several levels that highlight different genres, eras or other categories of music (such as Grammy winners) for varied challenges.

It’s certainly a game that you have to play with sound, as well, so be sure to grab your headphones if you’re playing in public.

This is a single-player game, but you can issue challenges to friends, asking them to attempt to beat your high score.

Free, for iOS.

— The Washington Post