By Kailey Fisicaro

The Bulletin

A Bend Police corporal driving to an emergency back-up call collided with another vehicle, a pedestrian and finally struck a doughnut shop early Saturday at NE Greenwood Avenue and Eighth Street.

Cpl. Rob Emerson, was westbound on Greenwood Avenue about 7 a.m. in a marked 2015 Ford Explorer with his emergency lights and siren on when he entered the intersection with Eighth Street, colliding with a southbound 1997 Chevrolet pickup, according to a news release from the Bend Police Department.

Following the collision, Emerson’s vehicle slid onto the southwest corner of the intersection, jumped the curb and hit a pedestrian, Brian Zacher, 39, of Tualatin who was on the sidewalk. The SUV kept going until it struck the side of The Dough Nut Midtown, 755 NE Greenwood.

Zacher and Emerson were taken to St. Charles Bend for non-life threatening injuries, according to the release. The driver of the pickup, Eric C. Olson, 58, of Bend, was uninjured.

Veronica Lopez, a cashier and barista at The Dough Nut Midtown, said no one inside the shop was injured. When she called 911, the emergency dispatcher told her a number of calls had already come in about the accident.

Lopez said the Bend police officer got out of the SUV on his own.

“I asked him if he was OK and he said, ‘no,’” Lopez said, adding the officer was limping and holding his arm.

Lopez said the shop opens up at 6 a.m., and the accident was a shock, especially so early into her shift. Her co-worker had stepped out back for a break just moments before it happened, so she was the only one inside. Lopez said she didn’t see anything leading up to the crash into the side of the building, and she didn’t think the business’ security cameras had caught it either.

Olson was checked out by emergency responders inside The Dough Nut, Lopez said.

“The guy in the pickup was in here,” she said. “He said he was at a stoplight and before he knew it he had spun around.”

Traffic in the area was initially diverted after the crash. The eastbound lanes of Greenwood were closed for about two hours while Oregon State Police investigated the accident. By around noon, Oregon Department of Transportation was there to replace one of the pedestrian crossing signs, according to MacKenzie.

Because the doughnut shop remained open, Lopez said each customer who came in Saturday morning asked her what had happened to the wall, which was crushed in where the Bend police SUV struck the building.

The Dough Nut Midtown’s marquee near the intersection read, “We’re still open.”

“I’m sure social media is going crazy with it being a policeman at a doughnut shop,” Lopez said.

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