Everyone Is Dirty has only been a band since early 2013, but they already have a very impressive album to their name. It’s called “Dying Is Fun,” it came out on Tricycle Records on Sept. 2, and you can hear it at www.everyoneisdirty.bandcamp.com.

At 10 tracks and just over a half-hour long, “Dying Is Fun” is a bracing collection of sideways guitar-pop-rock that draws from psych, the ’80s underground, shambling ’90s indie and the past few decades of artsy rock in general. Two better-known bands come immediately to mind when listening to Everyone Is Dirty: the uncompromising post-punk hiss of Sonic Youth, and the wiry avant-pop of the Pixies. As far as influences go, you can’t do much better than those.

Everyone Is Dirty adds its own thing to the mix, though. Besides offering an impressive vocal echo of Pixies/Breeders bassist Kim Deal, frontwoman Sivan Gur-Arieh also plays the electric violin throughout these songs, slicing through the grungy fuzz and buzz with a sweet swoop of stringed melody. This, of course, is what takes Everyone Is Dirty from a cool rock band to a cool rock band doing something different and interesting.

The band’s fidgety sound is unlike a lot of the kind of music that fills the air in clubs around Bend, so if it sounds like something you’re interested in, you should probably get down to the Volcanic Theatre Pub on Thursday and check ’em out. Such an opportunity may not come back ‘round these parts for a while.

Everyone Is Dirty ; 9 p.m. Thursday; $5; Volcanic Theatre Pub, 70 SW Century Drive, Bend; www.volcanictheatrepub.com or 541-323-1881.

— Ben Salmon