Two chimpanzees underwent electrocardiograms Wednesday morning at the Chimps Inc. sanctuary in Tumalo. Thiele and Herbie, both 28, underwent Oregon’s first known captive chimpanzee ultrasounds. The EKGs were conducted by veterinarian Wendy Krebs, with assistance from sonographer Sarah Oberle, and inspired by the Great Ape Heart Project, a nationwide effort to monitor and combat heart disease in captive apes. Both chimpanzees, who were sedated, also underwent routine dental exams and had bloodwork done to check their kidneys and thyroids.

“Everything went well,” sanctuary director Marla O’Donnell said Wednesday. “We expect results within a week and a half.”

In this image, veterinary student Christy Copeland, Krebs, certified veterinary tech Anne Hornberger and Chimps Inc. senior caregiver Shayla Scott tend to Herbie while preparing to give him his EKG and physical exam.