By Tyler Leeds

The Bulletin

A car crashed into an occupied Pilates studio in NorthWest Crossing on Monday morning after the driver mistakenly placed a foot on the gas pedal instead of the brakes, according to Bend Police.

The car crashed into Peach Pilates, located at 760 NW York Drive. Two people were transported to a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries while several more were treated on scene for minor injuries, according to Bend Police Sgt. Clint Burleigh. Burleigh said alcohol did not seem to be involved but that “the driver was confused over how to operate her vehicle.” Burleigh said the driver was ruled at fault, but the Bend Police Department said no citations were issued.

Deputy Fire Marshal Dan Derlacki said the crash could have been “significantly worse” had the car traveled into the building slightly further to the right. As it was, the car smashed through a large window, barely missing the building’s main gas line three feet to the right. And the car avoided harming a key structural beam placed above the window.

“The building was more structurally sound than we had anticipated finding it,” Derlacki said.

This isn’t the first time the building on the southwest corner of NW Mt. Washington and Crossing drives has been hit with a car. Scott Steele, whose eponymous architectural firm designed and is housed in the building, recalled a car that hit the outside of a stairwell in September 2008. “They hit the building, left the scene bleeding, and were never cited for anything,” Steele said. “I have no idea how they got away with no citations.”

Steele said when he heard the impact of the car, he suspected it was noise from nearby construction, as the building barely rattled.

“I thought maybe they had done a hard rock blast nearby and we all just went back to work,” Steele said, saying his office didn’t realize what had happened until emergency vehicles arrived.

“The car went through glass, so there wasn’t much resistance,” he added. “If it had hit a solid wall, the whole building would have shuddered. But the important thing is that no one was seriously hurt. If you see the building and the space, it was by the grace of God no one was killed.”

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