Swill, a sour fruit beer brewed by 10 Barrel Brewing Co., is being pulled off shelves across the Northwest.

The Bend brewery issued a voluntary recall on the beer this morning after reports of beer gushing out of bottles and one report of a glass bottle breaking, said Garrett Wales, partner at 10 Barrel, adding the cause of the break is still undetermined.

“What’s happening is we’re getting a secondary fermentation, the beer is continuing to ferment in the bottle so basically it just adds natural carbonation,” Wales said. “It’s a very small percentage of what’s out there, but for the sake of being safe and keeping our quality standards high we decided to do the recall.”

The brewery is asking consumers to immediately dispose of any Swill in 12-ounce and 22-ounce bottles that have already been purchased. Before disposing of any bottles of Swill, the brewery advises consumers to put on protective gloves and eye wear, place all remaining Swill bottles in a closed box and place the box immediately in a secured dumpster or trash container outside.

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