By Alandra Johnson • The Bulletin

In honor of Father’s Day, The Bulletin hosted a Father-Son Look-alike Contest. We collected more than 50 entries from Central Oregon.

Here are our top five choices, but many others were also worthy.

Thanks for sharing your photos. To view all of the entries, click here.

Left photo: Paul Evers, 52, and Bobby Evers, 25, dressed as each other for Halloween. Right: The pair dressed as themselves.

Grand prize winners

Paul Evers, 52, and Bobby Evers, 25, both of Bend

When we first glanced at these photos we were a bit confused. Why did they enter the same photo twice? Then we read the caption. In the left-hand photo, taken at Halloween in 2013, Bobby dressed up as his dad and Paul dressed as his son. The other photo shows the men dressed as themselves. But even after studying the images several times, it was hard to pick them apart. Bobby said they posted the Halloween photo on Facebook, but the comments were off. People “thought it was a photo of us getting ready in the morning.” His mom was also “freaked out” by the Halloween costumes, said Bobby, calling it creepy.

Bobby says that not only do he and his dad look alike, they also share many interests and personality traits. Besides that, they see each other every day at work. Paul is an owner at a small local ad agency, where Bobby serves as a graphic designer.

“Oh my gosh, yeah, we have some serious chemistry,” said Bobby. “He’s one of my best friends.” Bobby says they share the same sense of humor — “really corny, big ol’ cheeseball humor” — and both like to fly fish.

David Standerwick, 51, and Jared Standerwick, 27.

Top finishers

David Standerwick, 52, of Redmond and Jared, 28, of Bend

David says he and son Jared see each other several times a week “at least,” and says “we are similar in a lot of ways.” The pair play basketball a few times a week and like to get dinner together. David, who owns the Polar Bear Gas & Wash Shell station in Redmond, says they get comments all the time about how similar they look. People ask if they are brothers. “It’s kind of a compliment for me, kind of an insult to him,” said David.

Luke Parazoo, 38, and Paxton, 16.

Luke Parazoo, 38, and Paxton Parazoo, 16, both of Bend

For years, Brenda Parazoo says people thought her son looked just like her. Then, about a year and a half ago, that all changed. Her husband, Luke, lost 225 pounds and suddenly everyone realized that Luke and Paxton, a sophomore at Mountain View High School, looked exactly alike. Brenda sometimes now buys them identical clothing items, just to play up the similarities.

When Brenda saw the note about a look-alike contest, she decided to hold a photo shoot with Luke and Paxton. But as the shoot wore on, the fellas got tired and started making faces. “They were so done with me taking pictures,” said Brenda. The last one she snapped is the winning picture — their similar exasperated expression is what put the entry over the top.

While Paxton enjoys snowboarding and biking and his dad does not, they do share a few personality traits. Brenda says both guys resist change and both love to leave their shoes in the middle of the floor.

Marcus Crocker and son Sawyer.

Marcus Croker, 41, and Sawyer, 7 both of Bend

Marcus says his son is a “great kid, fun to be around and always making us laugh.” Marcus, who works at Bend Research, says he shares some personality traits with Sawyer as well as some mannerisms and facial expressions. “We have two daughters as well. The ongoing joke is that they all look like me,” said Marcus.

Jesse Hurley and son Kellen.

Jesse Hurley, 34, and Kellen Hurley, 10, both of Bend

Sheila Hurley submitted this photo of her son and grandson. She feels as though the two look incredibly similar. She has pictures of them both at age 9 and says “You cannot tell the difference between the two of them.”

Sheila lives down the street from them and gets to see them often. She believes the pair also share a lot of personality traits. They are like sports and are a bit on the quiet side.

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