Bend Police Chief Jeff Sale has been fired effective immediately, according to City Manager Eric King.

“His contract was terminated for no cause,” King said. “Following the terms of his contract he will receive approximately four months’ severance pay.”

Sale’s firing comes on the heels of former Lt. Chris Carney’s resignation after an investigation revealed he’d had sexual relations with three city employees and one member of the media. The member of the media has since disputed Carney’s allegations.

“It has been a roughly two-week process of interviewing folks,” King said. “After the internal review I felt a change in leadership was necessary.”

Capt. Jim Porter will take over as interim chief, King said. King expects Porter will be in the position for at least six months, possibly longer, and will focus on rebuilding relationships within the department and community.

For more on the change in leadership at the Bend Police Department, pick up a copy of The Bulletin on Thursday.

—Bulletin staff report