Coffee drinkers may live longer

Drinking coffee is associated with lower mortality rates, and a new study suggests that caffeine … Read more

Here’s what you can do for jet lag

Jet lag is a tough problem. High-speed plane travel to a location out of sync … Read more

What can you do to get rid of tinnitus?

Q: What causes tinnitus, and is there anything that can be done to get rid … Read more

Cuts to funds that help people find insurance shouldn’t affect Oregon

Federal Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services will cut funds by 70 percent

The Trump administration’s move to cut funding for people who help consumers buy individual health … Read more

Can a Bar of Soap Transmit Infection?

Are there any health risks to using a communal bar of soap in, say, a … Read more

Probiotics may be good for your bones

A probiotic supplement could be good for your bones, a Researchers studied 90 women, 75 … Read more

Time to hydrate

Especially in the summer, drinking enough water is key to an individual’s healthfulness

I wonder how we all survived — and even thrived — in our younger years … Read more

A vegan’s struggle with gout includes change in diet, cortisone

A mysterious pain in my right ankle woke me up one summer morning as insistently … Read more

Portland VA gets cancer research support

Funding will help enroll veterans in clinical trials

The Portland VA Medical Center is one of 12 sites chosen to receive additional funding … Read more

Central Oregon a hot spot for Colorado tick fever

Viral disease is unpleasant, but not fatal

In just over a month, Central Oregon has seen at least four confirmed cases and … Read more

Babies born to opioid-addicted moms suffer

Mom’s care may still be the best treatment

CARRBORO, N.C. — The halls at UNC Horizons day care are quiet at 5 p.m. … Read more

Study: Student-run mental health clubs make a difference

Mental health problems among college students have been climbing since the 1990s, according to the … Read more

Is the family at risk if one member has mono?

Q: My college-age daughter just came down with mono. Is the whole family at risk … Read more

Stress disorders tied to autoimmune disease

Having a stress-related psychiatric condition may increase the risk for autoimmune disease, a new study … Read more

New treatment for hypochondria is a more reassuring approach

New diagnoses put an emphasis on the thoughts behind the symptoms

This spring, when every tree in Brooklyn seemed to be shedding pollen all at once, … Read more

State hears from OHP members on improvements

Members want more help with health-related social issues, better coordination

After five public forums across the state, Oregon health officials have heard two main messages … Read more

Researchers explore how to control that ‘hangry’ feeling

If my 3-year-old goes more than two hours without a snack, he turns into a … Read more

Separating children from their parents affects kids’ health

Researchers have long looked upon wars, famines and mass migrations as grim but important opportunities … Read more

Google trains machines to predict a patient’s death

A woman with late-stage breast cancer came to a city hospital, fluids already flooding her … Read more

Yoga with puppies benefits dogs, students

ORLANDO, Fla. — All Katie Donzanti and the yoga class at her Curry Ford Road … Read more

‘Boy Scouts’ for adults helps older men cope with loneliness

Glenn Sears returned to his native Honolulu seven years ago to retire, but living in … Read more

High blood pressure at age 50 tied to dementia risk

Elevated blood pressure at age 50 is linked to an increased risk for dementia in … Read more

Can crossing your legs affect your health

Q: Why do so many people cross their legs when they sit? Are there health … Read more

Local CCO gets high marks on quality

Plan serving area Oregon Health Plan members tops state list

The coordinated care organization that serves Central Oregon’s Oregon Health Plan members met more quality … Read more

Cauliflower takes on carbs

Rice companies worry more consumers will choose the healthier veggie alternative

For Gail Becker, a former marketing executive who has two sons with celiac disease, finding … Read more

There’s no such thing as dry drowning, doctors say

As kids cannonball into summer pools and swim in local rivers, parents keep a watchful … Read more

Do doctors consider body size when prescribing drugs?

Q: Shouldn’t doctors take into account body size when prescribing drugs? As a small female, … Read more

It’s time for neuroscientists to get serious about ‘chemobrain’

At some point during treatment for cancer, between 17 percent and 75 percent of patients … Read more

Study: Fewer teens having sex, using drugs; drinking still common

The school year is over, and public health officials have issued a report card for … Read more

Use juicing for diet variety

Q: Is juicing as healthy as some proclaim, or are nutrients lost in the process? … Read more

Gender imbalance with CPR

Outside of hospitals, men are much more likely to get CPR than women, a new … Read more

Ideal subjects for a salt study? Maybe prisoners

Suppose you wanted to do a study of diet and nutrition, with thousands of participants … Read more

Meditation, aerobics aid trauma recovery

Meditation and aerobic exercise are two very different wellness practices. But a recent study found … Read more

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