Measles in California tests health workers stretched thin by Camp Fire

Northern California health workers are scrambling to control a growing measles outbreak centered on a … Read more

Two-wave flu season now the longest in a decade

NEW YORK — Three months ago, this flu season was shaping up to be short … Read more

Health community merging physical, mental health

Treating mental health could improve outcomes, save money in medical health

Physical and behavioral health have traditionally operated as two realms of the health care system. … Read more

Claims about CBD’s health benefits go unchecked

Oregon regulates hemp-derived CBD, but FDA is playing catch-up

Ballet dancer Josh Deininger has tried a lot of products to ease his muscle and … Read more

National health briefs

145.6 million patients a year go to hospital ERs Across the country, hospital emergency rooms … Read more

Diabetes drug may slow, prevent kidney disease

A drug that’s used to help control blood sugar in people with diabetes has now … Read more

International group strives to develop ‘quantum leap’ in new hearing implant

Since the 1980s, the cochlear implant has helped bring hearing to hundreds of thousands of … Read more

More countries to halt sales of some breast implants

Health authorities in Canada and the Netherlands have announced plans to suspend sales of rough-surfaced … Read more

FDA to study use of CBD foods, cosmetics

Some answers to questions about CBD

With CBD showing up everywhere, U.S. regulators announced Tuesday they are exploring ways the marijuana … Read more

State audit: Fixing Medicaid’s payment problems falls short

SALEM — The Secretary Of State’s Office says the Oregon Health Authority still needs to … Read more

Report: Introduce peanuts as early as 4 months to prevent allergies

Pediatricians now recommend introducing peanut-­based foods to infants before their first birthday to prevent peanut … Read more

Special evaluations can help seniors cope with cancer

Before she could start breast cancer treatment, ­Nancy Simpson had to walk in a straight … Read more

Mid Oregon Credit Union gives $50k to new hospital tower

Mid Oregon Credit Union announced a $50,000 donation to help pay for the new patient … Read more

Research offers hope for fertility preservation in boys with cancer

University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine scientists announced a milestone Thursday in their efforts to … Read more

Deschutes tops region in health rankings; Crook and Jefferson aim higher

County health rankings an opportunity for improvement, not a reason to gloat, health officials say

The three Central Oregon counties placed near the top, middle and bottom of the latest … Read more

Daily low-dose aspirin no longer recommended by doctors, if you’re healthy

For years, low-dose aspirin has been described as a panacea to ward off heart attacks, … Read more

The egg debate: Too much cholesterol?

Adults who ate about 1½ eggs daily had a slightly higher risk of heart disease … Read more

Newer heart valves may let more people avoid surgery

Surgery for certain bad heart valves may soon become a thing of the past. New … Read more

Mystery infections traced to religious flagellation

NEW YORK — Add self-flagellation to the list of ways to get a dangerous viral … Read more

State hits pause button on chronic pain proposal

Agency asks for last minute delay to review conflict of interest issue

Oregon health officials have delayed consideration of a controversial change under the Oregon Health Plan … Read more

Could Alzheimer’s damage be fixed by light and noise?

Could people’s eyes and ears help fix the damage Alzheimer’s disease does to the brain? … Read more

Surge in flu patients jams St. Charles ER

Hospital forced to cancel surgeries, divert patients

A virulent strain of the flu has filled the emergency room at St. Charles Bend … Read more

Oregon at impasse over opioids for chronic pain

Commission to vote on controversial tapering proposal

Oregon’s efforts to prevent opioid overdoses have reached a difficult impasse: what to do with … Read more

Oregon trials led to FDA approval of new breast cancer treatment

Eva Joseph first found out she had breast cancer in 2002. She underwent chemotherapy, had … Read more

FDA moves to restrict flavored e-cigarettes

With a few weeks left as commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration, Dr. Scott … Read more

Are robots being overused in the OR?

Robotic surgery was never approved for mastectomy or any other cancer-related treatment, but that has … Read more

Data shows La Pine residents live 12 years less than some of their Bend neighbors

Census tract data shows the impact of zip code on life expectancy

La Pine residents can expect to live an average of 12 years less than their … Read more

How to create a heart-healthy sandwich

Packing a healthy lunch seems like an easy task, but sometimes all the sandwich choices … Read more

Making cancer a rare disease

The subclassification of cancer is challenging research and treatment efforts

Joy Bachman was running out of options. Ten years after a melanoma was removed from … Read more

How to make sustainable lifestyle changes

Editor’s note: This story was originally published March 8 in Pulse Magazine. Just days into … Read more

Health inspections offer snapshot of conditions in restaurants, food trucks and carts

Restaurants and mobile food units, such as food trucks and carts, are inspected at least … Read more

Find your h-app-y place with these mood apps

These apps offer pathways to bliss ­— if you can remember your password

Bliss be damned. Right off, the calmness app and I were embroiled in a digital … Read more

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