St. Charles Bend

An entrance to St. Charles Bend, seen in September 2020.

Nurses and medical professionals are concerned that St. Charles Health System is “inept and chaotic,” following the discovery it filed and pulled a statement to state health officials that it was experiencing a staffing crisis.

The health system notified the Oregon Health Authority on July 15 that it had an emergency due to its current staffing shortage, according to documents provided by the health authority. The emergency declaration, called “crisis standard of care,” has not been used by any Oregon hospital during the pandemic, according to state health officials.

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Big egos, mismanagement and lack of planning led to this. It's a crisis of their own creation and likely need to sell to a better hospital operator. Bend really needs a 2nd hospital anyway for some healthy competition. COVID revealed how St Charles isn't prepared to handle the size/scale of our community as the sole provider.

Transitory Inflation

Destroyed is not the right word. And I'm having trouble finding one. Private equity roll-ups and physician/specialty service cartels that have entrenched rentier positions in the system that have made rural healthcare uneconomical.

Transitory Inflation

St Charles needs a partner stat. I'd be surprised if the Catholic HC orgs in the valley don't have a enough capital to muscle in. That said, rural HC in America is all but destroyed financially. Hard to see where future contribution margins will come from.


What can the public do to help? Are there services volunteers can do?


This is clearly a problem created by inept management that is trying to make caregivers and patients pay the price for the failures of administrators and their communications folks who keep spinning stories. Many at the top need to go.


I’ve literally never heard the nurse’s Union say anything positive about St Charles. If it’s so bad, just quit. I’m tired of the negativity and it puts the whole system in a bad light every time ONA speaks to the press. Shame on the nurse’s union.


Excellent point. The nurses union holds St Charles hostage in negotiations and continually states how nurses need more money and St Charles is a terrible slave master. The flip side is that if a hospital nurse quits St Charles there is no other hospital system in Central Oregon and thus he/she would have to move to get another job. St Charles went from a great community hospital we all loved, great morale, and care to a complete mess once administrators came in looking solely at the almighty dollar.

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