Food synergy: Pairing foods for the most healthful benefit


Avocados + Tomatoes The fats in avocados bring out the lycopene in tomatoes. Lycopene is … Read more

A classic childhood fantasy for all ages

Diane Schmidt says most kids seem drawn to the idea of riding horses — and … Read more

EcoWellness: Time outdoors is good for mental health and wellness

Nature abounds in Central Oregon. Mountains to the west, desert to the east, there’s no … Read more

Childhood trauma can lead to long-lasting health problems

Resilience may be the answer to recovering from youth stresses

Elizabeth Fitzgerald still refers to the area where she grew up in the early … Read more

Downhill mountain bike trails increasing in Central Oregon

Downhill freestyle trails are flourishing to accommodate a growing desire to live on the edge

Mountain biking in Central Oregon and across the nation has progressed over the last several … Read more

Urinary tract infections often misdiagnosed

Sexually transmitted diseases routinely missed

Every day in the emergency room at St. Charles Bend, someone is diagnosed with a … Read more

All runners can benefit from an app

Four running apps reviewed

Runners aren’t demanding creatures, though a few things are important, arch support and dry socks … Read more

OSU marketing professor working on anti-tanning messaging

Despite warnings, young people still sunbathe

Amy Watson placed a mason jar filled with colored liquid on the counter. “This is … Read more

Is your physician burned out?

Stress of practice takes its toll on doctors and patients

Mike Henderson had always wanted to be a doctor. He wanted to help people. Drawn … Read more

Virtual dissection table offers real lessons in anatomy

Simulated anatomy tools spark debate over need for cadavers

When Oregon State University converted its Cascades campus in Bend to a four-year university, the … Read more

What’s app on the ski hill

For many Central Oregon athletes, winter is synonymous with plenty of skiing and snowboarding. And … Read more

Learn to ice skate at any age

Julia Kelleher knows what you’re thinking: Figure skating is for kids. If you made it … Read more

Prevent dementia by focusing on heart health

Seven ways to keep your brain functioning well later in life

The graying of America has spurred widespread interest in ways to prevent dementia, Alzheimer’s disease … Read more

Heavy smoke sent more asthma sufferers to St. Charles ER last summer

The summer of 2017 in Central Oregon will always be remembered for the heavy smoke … Read more

At home genetic tests of limited use

Consumers often misinterpret, overvalue their results

The advent of at-home genetic testing offers people a tantalizing power: the ability to look … Read more

Planning for an aging population

Letting people live and thrive in their own communities, advocates say, is crucial: ‘If you have an elderly neighbor, do something nice for them’

Stephen Smith started smoking in the ninth grade of Catholic school, when buying cigarettes required … Read more

Many leave emergency room before being seen

More patients are visiting St. Charles Bend’s emergency room. Some of them are leaving before being seen.Who’s not getting care — and why?

When patients check into the emergency department but leave without being seen — often after … Read more

Medications can affect your oral health

Learn to avoid drug-caused cavities or gum disease

Many prescription and over-the-counter drugs can have a negative impact on your oral health. However, … Read more

Creating hospital food with special care

Chefs at St. Charles Prineville are working hard to fight the perception of hospital food

Half a dozen cooks bustled around Combs Flat Kitchen at St. Charles Prineville, preparing the … Read more

Ride smart, ride appy

Cycling apps have become as indispensable as spandex

The old adage about a tree falling in the woods without a sound may have … Read more

Catching on to curling

The ‘intense’ Winter Olympic sport finds a foothold in Central Oregon

For a sport about which many people seem to be clueless regarding the rules and … Read more

Program helps disabled get back on the road

Being disabled doesn’t mean you have to stay put — outfit your ride with these devices to keep on cruising

Throughout America, the ability to drive is often fundamental to maintaining self-sufficiency and independence. In … Read more

Snapshot: Northwest Chair at Mt. Bachelor

Read more

Rural Oregonians still face Death with Dignity barriers

Roadblocks abound in rural areas

By the time Tom Stanton’s cancer was diagnosed, it had already spread from his … Read more

Should you have your appendix removed?

New evidence suggests that antibiotics could effectively treat many cases

If you recall having surgery as a kid, chances are you had your appendix out. … Read more

Back pain? Try these exercises

Back and neck pain become more common as we age, but these simple exercises can help relieve pain and prevent injury

Odds are you’ll probably have low back pain at some point in your life — … Read more

Apps to assist a healthy lifestyle

Accuracy, simplicity key in best calorie counters

The word calorie is mentioned often in the ever-changing world of nutrition and fad diets. … Read more

ER data: More weather-related injuries, less flu in 2017

Bend residents will remember the winter of 2017 as one of the worst in a … Read more

New hearing aids connect to more than just your ear

Stream audio directly to your ear, or use your phone as an external mic

Modern hearing aids are pretty smart to begin with, but the latest generation of devices … Read more

Oregon CrossFit owner focuses on strength, health

Local gym provides multi-faceted fitness for Bend

Finding health and fitness opportunities are priorities in Central Oregon — a popular destination for … Read more

Get ready for standup paddleboarding!

What to know before you try out SUP

Let’s start with the obvious question: If you’ve never tried stand-up paddleboarding before, will you … Read more

In the dark about lupus

While lupus is relatively rare, its symptoms can be deadly

Found mostly in women and people of color, this obscure autoimmune disorder is notoriously difficult … Read more

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